2.8 C
December 1, 2020

Weather warning: Temperatures drop and precipitations expected

The National Meteorology Administration issued a weather report on Wednesday according to which it will rain in most areas of the country between April 9, 6 pm and April 11, 9 pm, and there will be snow and sleet in the mountains. In South and East the water amounts will exceed 20 liters per square meter in isolated areas, over 24 hours. The temperatures will fall drastically especially in Southern, Center and Eastern Romania, and the weather will be colder than the normal yearly weather.
On Thursday the weather will get colder in the areas outside the Carpathian Mountains, so that the temperatures remain under the average yearly values in most of the country. It will rain in extended areas in South and East, where the water amounts will be larger. The wind will blow harder in East and South-West, and on the mountain ridges. The temperatures will range between 8 degrees C in Brasov and Miercurea Ciuc and 17 degrees C in Timisoara. The weather will get much colder in Bucharest as well on Thursday. The sky will be cloudy, it will rain from time to time and the temperature will not get past 10 degrees C consequently. The weather on Friday will also be colder than the normal yearly values, especially in the areas outside the Carpathians.

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