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June 18, 2021

INS: Lower birth rate, but higher number of marriages registered in February

The number of births reported in February decreased by 2,258 from January, whereas the number of marriages increased by 903 and the number of divorces by 1,279, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on Thursday. In February 2014, 14,295 children were born, 2,258 fewer than in the previous month, the cited source reports. The number of deaths reported in February was 21,174, i.e. 1,409 fewer than in January.
Thus, according to INS, the provisional rate of natural increase was negative (the death rate exceeded the birth rate) both in February (6,879 persons) and January (6,030 persons). The death rate of children under one year of age reported in February was 126, on the decline compared with January (130).
Also in February 4,881 marriages were registered with the Civil Status Service, 903 more than in January. The number of divorces settled in court by final decision was 2,203, i.e. 1,279 more than in the previous month.

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