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May 11, 2021

Mircea Diaconu and Vadim Tudor can run in EP elections

The Bucharest Court of Appeals has admitted their challenges against the National Integrity Agency and Central Electoral Bureau’s decisions. The Court of Appeals’ decisions are final.

Late Wednesday, the Bucharest Court of Appeals issued a final ruling in Mircea Diaconu and Corneliu Vadim  Tudor’s cases, which allows them to run in the European Parliamentary elections. The Court of Appeals thus rejected the National Integrity Agency (ANI) and Public Ministry’s challenges against the decision of the court. The court’s corresponding substantiation report mentions that Diaconu has “the indisputable legal vocation” to occupy the position of Member of the European Parliament because the law on integrity in exercising public functions and dignities cannot be associated with criminal law. In the report, the Bucharest Court of Law also invoked the jurisprudence of ECHR (European Court of Human Rights), who deemed the extensive interpretation of a legal provision that is unclear with regard to electoral matters as “arbitrary.”
Diaconu submitted his candidacy file and the list of supporters in view of running for MEP with the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on March 26. On March 19, Diaconu had announced he was resigning from PNL in order to run as an independent in the elections for European Parliament. On the same day, ANI sent BEC a notification pointing to the fact that Mircea Diaconu did not meet the legal requirements for his candidacy for the European Parliament to be validated.
In response to the court’s decision, PNL President Crin Antonescu told Hotnews that PNL supporters would not vote for Diaconu in EP elections, expressing hope Diaconu, ex-PNL vice-president will be “nobody’s fool”.
In her turn, Ramona Manescu, one of PNL’s candidates for MEP, stated she is “very happy” that Mircea Diaconu will be able to run, but noted she is confident that he would be elected MEP with votes from PC and PSD.
“He will receive his own votes because he has enough supporters. From what I gather, PC offered him great support and wants Mircea Diaconu to join the European Parliament. Victor Ponta has urged PSD voters repeatedly to give Mircea Diaconu their vote because they have enough already,” Manescu stated. In addition, she explained that PNL’s decision not to support Mircea Diaconu’s candidacy for the EP elections was based on the High Court of Cassation and Justice’s decision, and the underlying reason was to prevent the Liberals’ candidate list from being challenged. She also said Mircea Diaconu is welcome to return to PNL at any moment, if that was his wish. MEP and PNL member Renate Weber also said that he hopes Mircea Diaconu will join the European Liberals if he is elected MEP, and remarked that the latter’s battle was against an entire system and the victory was his own, not PNL’s.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta also commented on the Diaconu case on his Facebook page. Late Wednesday, the PM wrote that he is convinced Mircea Diaconu “will be the first truly independent Romanian MEP.” “The Eba and Tokes cases were shameful stowaways,” Ponta commented, going on to say Mircea Diaconu will not receive votes from other parties, “but from those Liberal voters who did not plan on voting for PNL anyway,” and “from many other people who are simply revolted by the unfair manner in which he was treated by his opponents and former colleagues (all accomplices in an undignified silence).” “Mircea Diaconu is a true Liberal, but even more so a great Romanian,” Victor Ponta wrote in his Facebook post.
Also Wednesday evening, the Bucharest Court of Appeals issued a final decision allowing Corneliu Vadim Tudor to run in the EP elections. On April 6, the Bucharest Court of Law had rejected Corneliu Vadim Tudor’s challenge regarding his candidacy for the European Parliamentary elections on the grounds that it was unjustified. The decision was subsequently challenged in the Bucharest Court of Appeals.

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