Radu Ghetea remains ARB president

The board of directors of the Romanian Banking Association (ARB) has a new structure following the general meeting held on Thursday.
Radu Gratian Ghetea remained president of the board of director, while Florin Danescu continues as executive director of the association. The board members have a 3-year mandate.
ARB’s board of directors is composed by: Radu Gratian Ghetea – president, Petre Bunescu (BRD) – vice-president, Catalin Vasile Parvu (Piraeus Bank Romania) – member, Sergiu Manea (BCR) – member, Laurentiu Gabriel Mitrache (Leumi) – member, Mirela Bordea (Credit Europe Bank) – member, Cornel Theodor Stanescu (Marfin Bank) – member. From the board went out Sergiu Oprescu (Alpha Bank). The Association was set up in 1991 and currently has 39 member banks.
Recently, BCR, BRD – Groupe SocieteGenerale, Raiffeisen Bank and UniCredit Tiriac Bank, with assets exceeding 45 percent in the local banking system, founded the first banking employers’ union in Romania, named Council of the Banking Employers in Romania (CPBR). Raiffeisen Bank President Steven van Groningen was nominated the president of the Board of Directors of CPBR. The Board also includes Rasvan Radu (UniCredit Tiriac Bank) – vice president, Philippe Lhotte (BRD – Groupe Societe Generale) – director and Tomas Spurny (BCR) – treasurer. The founding members pointed out that CPBR is not an alternative to ARB, but a complementary organization aiming to promote the interests of its members before the authorities, trade unions and other institutions “as efficiently as possible.”

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