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October 25, 2021

Launch of PMP’s EP candidates – PSD criticized, partnership with PNL hinted

Elena Udrea and Elena Basescu dominate speeches.

The Popular Movement Party (PMP) launched its candidates for the European Parliament elections on Saturday in Sibiu, the event taking place at a four-star hotel owned by businessman Ilie Carabulea who is currently in jail. The launch was dominated by Elena Udrea and Elena Basescu, who were welcomed on their arrival by Dorin Cioaba, the self-proclaimed king of the Roma. In fact, throughout the event both Cioaba and Udrea invoked the possibility of a partnership between a future party – the Democratic Alliance of Roma – and the PMP.
Apart from that, the speeches focused on criticizing the ruling power representatives but also the representatives of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), hints being at the same time made about a potential collaboration with the Liberals.
Elena Udrea stated that she does not forget what PNL did, but that there can be “an option of collaboration” with this party in the presidential runoff, with the lesser of two evils set to be chosen, namely for a Liberal candidate to be backed by the PMP in the runoff. “There can also be an option to collaborate with PNL in the presidential runoff. Both PNL and PSD will decide after the EP elections who will run on behalf of their parties in the presidential race,” Elena Udrea stated. She said that she does not forget that PNL “stood alongside PSD and Mr. Antonescu stood alongside Victor Ponta in 2012 too, back when they suspended Traian Basescu, as well as during the years they spent in government, years in which they did nothing,” but that she will choose the lesser of “two evils.” She added that she nevertheless hopes that PNL will be the one that will back the PMP candidate. Elena Udrea also stated, in Sibiu, that she should thank Klaus Johannis because “a good thing, the break-up of USL, has taken place because of his huge ego.”
Udrea had previously stated in Targu Mures, where she met the members and sympathizers of PMP, that she gets “the shivers” from the idea that after the elections Victor Ponta would become president and Liviu Dragnea premier, and the local barons would be defended by the judiciary and Romania would end up “under PSD’s total occupation for the next ten years.” She said that Romania is currently “under the assault of Victor Ponta and of the local barons.” “And Mr. Victor Ponta is a support for local barons and he takes responsibility for them, (…) defends them in front of the law. Secondly, because he too likes the media show a lot. Mr. Victor Ponta is a great television actor and sits all day in television studios. Unfortunately, he is a Prime Minister, he should govern, not appear on television,” Udrea said.
The MP avoided saying whether she will run for President, stating that for the time being she and her other PMP colleagues plan for the party to obtain “a two-digit result” in the EP elections. Nevertheless, she pointed out that personally she can defeat Ponta “in any political confrontation.”
While giving her speech at the launch of the PMP candidates, Elena Basescu mixed up PDL with PMP, stating later on that she finds it “a bit difficult” and it will take some time for her to grow accustomed. “The Democrat Liberal Party’s list is a valuable list; one can find on it a young man of my age, I’m talking about Siegfried Muresan,” the President’s youngest daughter stated, mixing up PMP with PDL. She later said that the PMP list does not contain “desperate housewives, their personal assistants, not even the wife of Eugen Tomac,” since it contains solely “people of a certain and vast culture.”
Later on, in Targu Mures, Elena Basescu criticized PDL and its EP elections candidate Theodor Stolojan, stating that PDL has become an anti-Basescu party because its list contains, on the eligible positions, “solely those that publicly attacked the President,” and that Theodor Stolojan “has chosen to end his political career in an ugly fashion” and he represents within the EP “the country’s communist past.”
Just like Udrea, Elena Basescu hinted that a rapprochement between the PMP and PNL could be possible. Elena Basescu stated on Saturday in an interview for Agerpres that she prefers PNL candidate Crin Antonescu in a presidential runoff, considering him the “lesser of evils,” unlike her former party colleague and PNL candidate Catalin Predoiu, who “has a slurry speech and speech problems.” About Victor Ponta, a possible PSD candidate, President Traian Basescu’s daughter stated that she sees him as “a young man seasoned in evil deeds.”
Stolojan attacks PMP and Traian Basescu
Elena Basescu’s criticism towards PDL MEP Theodor Stolojan came after he had launched a harsh attack against PMP and President Basescu. In an interview for RFI on Friday, Stolojan had declared himself “annoyed” by the Popular Movement Party (PMP) which is made up of former PDL members. “We are annoyed by this party that said it is formed with new people but if you look at it Mrs. Udrea, Mr. Baconschi, Mr. Cristi Preda and many others are people that came from the Democrat Liberal Party,” Stolojan said.
On the other hand, he believes that Traian Basescu should not become Premier after his second term in office expires. “I don’t believe we are Russia! We are nevertheless a democracy. After you were the country’s president for ten years I don’t believe the solution is to come back as prime minister,” Theodor Stolojan said. Asked where he sees Traian Basescu after 2014, he answered: “I don’t know what he will do, but you saw, he once said that he has a farm, he wants to take care of the farm, another time he said he wants to create a school for young politicians. So he has many options that he, not I, mentioned on different occasions.”

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