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January 17, 2022

Macovei: ‘We are under threat from the East, from the part of the Russian Federation’

MEP Monica Macovei of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) cautioned on Saturday in Sibiu (272 km northwest of Bucharest) that we are under the Russian Federation’s threat. ‘(…) at such times, NATO’s protection is all the more so vital to us. I want to tell you that in the European Parliament my colleagues from the Baltic States or Poland are preparing to defend against a possible war or attack (…) from the Russian Federation. Just as usually, I will put this bluntly. We should take care, we must be vigilant, because the peace and democracy we have acquired, we could lose overnight. (…) Such are the times we live in now that democracy and peace may be put at jeopardy, and they have already been put at risk in Europe,’ Monica Macovei warned in her speech at the launch in Sibiu of the PDL candidates for the European Parliament, Agerpres informs. Macovei considers the Romanians should side with the West, not with PSD and the East; she also took the opportunity to criticize European Parliament President, Socialist Martin Schulz, whom she accused of ‘treason’ because he said attacks on the Russian Federation should stop.
All guns pointed at Ponta
In a series of statements on the national political scene made the day before in Alba Iulia, Macovei launched a fierce attack against PSD Liberal Victor Ponta, whom she accused of “becoming fixated on the idea of helping local PSD tycoons escape from justice” because they “bring him votes by lying, stealing, and bribing.” Romanians do not need a “blackmailing” Prime Minister, she added, underlining that PDL has to win the elections “in order to free the country from  Ponta and the organized criminal group orchestrated by him.” Macovei argued that the PM’s statements regarding the investigations conducted on PSD ‘tycoons’ is “treason” because the Prime Minister “protects the corrupt, not the Romanians.”
The MEP suggested that PM Victor Ponta’s decision to “keep Liviu Dragnea in Gov’t” despite his pending trial for election fraud shows that “PSD is prepared to commit fraud” in next month’s elections. On Thursday, the Prime Minister had stated in Pitesti that justice will be done for Constantin Nicolescu, former Arges County Council Chairman, and for “many other who could not be beaten in the vote” when Traian Basescu is no longer be president. On a change of topic, Monica Macovei claims the right wing should unite. However, she emphasized that PNL will not be part of the resulting coalition because it has voted in favor of too many left-wing measures, and such “preposterous decisions” cannot be dismissed.
In turn, Catalin Predoiu, vice-chairman of PDL, stated in the same press conference that a unification of the right – realistic and potentially successful after the EP elections – implies not a merger, but a coordination under a project that includes a sole presidential candidate.

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