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May 18, 2022

Dragnea wants Prefect to be political representative o the Gov’t

During an interview given to “Gandul” newspaper, PSD executive chairman Liviu Dragnea announced that the Government are working on a set of rules about the local public administration, which is to include amendments to the prefect law, the local public administration law, the local public finance law, the public servants law, the local elected law, the incompatibilities law and the decentralization law. Dragnea spoke about the fact that the decentralization process could be concluded by 2015. “There are two working options: a version represents the promotion of a unique draft law, including the decentralization on all areas or a draft law for each sector. A Health draft law we are to issue together with the Ministry of Health, same for Education, Environment, etc.” said the vice-PM, saying that debates will be held on this matter in the working groups. The social-democrat said he supports the version of a draft law, “because it is vital that decentralization should be made as a whole.” As for the amendments to the prefect law, Liviu Dragnea said it might be discussed that they could be the Government’s political representatives, not outside politics like they are now. He said the solution in this respect is to be discussed. As for the incompatibilities law, Dragnea said the debate “is centered” around the status of the Intercommunity Development Associations, which are created for Water and Sewerage or for the waste management projects. He said they try to open “a serious dialogue” with the National Integrity Agency in this respect.

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