Former chief of Arges Driving License Service sentenced to 6 years in prison

The Supreme Court ruled a sentence of six years in prison for former chief of Driving Licenses Service Gheorghe Vlasceanu and his former deputy Vasile Voinea in the case of driving licenses issued fraudulently in Arges County. In fact, the judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice admitted the appeals made in this case against the sentence ruled on February 14, 2014 issued by Targu Mures Court of Appeal. Thus, at the subsequent trial, the Supreme Court reduced the sentence of Gheorghe Vlasceanu from 14 to 6 years for bribery, ruling a complementary punishment the waiving of certain rights. The sentence will be reduced also with the period since he was arrested, from June 14, 2008 to August 7, 2009. Voinea, former deputy of Vlasceanu, was sentenced for bribery to six years of prison as well, as the punishment was also reduced in his case from 11 years and 8 months. The court also ruled that Voinea should be waived certain rights another three years after he gets out. From the six years, the period during which Voinea was arrested, between June 14, 2008 and August 7, 2009, will be deducted. ICCJ judges reduced the punishments ruled by the Court of Appeal in Targu Mures in the case of the other culprits in the file. The rule of the Supreme Court is definitive, as the culprits that got prison sentences will be imprisoned. In December 2008, DIICOT prosecutors ordered that 28 people should be sued for fraud at the exams for the driving license at the Public Service of Driving Licenses and Car Registrations Arges. According to DNA, between 2006 and 2008, an organized criminal group was active in Arges that obtained money from many people to allow them to get driving licenses fraudulently from the Driving Licenses Service Arges.

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