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June 22, 2021

PM Ponta vows to file criminal complaint against President Basescu

The move comes after the head of state made several accusations against PSD Senator Gabriela Firea on Sunday, over the Nana probing committee, which the social-democrats considered as threats.

Premier Victor Ponta announced yesterday in Parliament that, following the accusations brought by the head of state to Senator Gabriela Firea, a criminal complaint will be filed today against President Traian Basescu, which he wants to be signed by a large number of MPs, also from the opposition.
“Until tomorrow (Tuesday) we submit a criminal complaint against President Traian Basescu”, Victor Ponta said, adding that the complaint will be signed by all the lawmakers of the ruling coalition and by the members of Parliament belonging to the other parties, if they want. Ponta mentioned that “this is the first time after 1989, since Romania tries to be democratic, when the family of a senator is directly threatened by the president.”
“This is an unprecedented move that does not pertain to political dispute,” he added. “When he threatens the family of a senator, (…) things are without precedent,” Premier Ponta stated, mentioning that the European Commission will be informed as well. He described the incident as “a mafia-like attack” against Gabriela Firea. “Traian Basescu has to answer in court. The senator must very clearly see that the mafia-like way of leadership we have been subject to for the last nine years and a half does not intimidate us,” Ponta mentioned.
In a different move, Ponta said that he is positively convinced that Traian Basescu will go to prison, while he has no fear about himself, as he has always observed the law unlike the president, who is “communist, corrupt and ex-Securitate.”
President Traian Basescu retorted that PM Ponta’s statements are following the same “lying pattern that we are already used to” and that gave him “a humiliating reputation of liar”. According to the head of state, the premier is more interested in protecting local barons than answering to the Romanians’ needs.

As a consequence to the dispute, PM Ponta announced yesterday he has proposed to Senator Firea to take over the office of PSD-UNPR-PC alliance spoke person for the elections for European parliament in May and for the presidential elections. He underscored his decision was influenced by the fact that the senator was threatened by the head of state.
Regarding the probing committee that looks into the acquisition of the farmlands in Nana, Calarasi County, President Basescu told Realitatea TV on Sunday evening that both he and his daughter Ioana Basescu are available for prosecutors regarding the Nana farmland purchase and that PSD Senator Gabriela Firea (e. n. Firea is member of Calarasi investigation parliamentary committee) “should stay put.”
“She should stay put and deal with what happens on the estate of her husband, where he is mayor. Because some day she might no longer find him at home, if she is not careful. I understand that many bad things happen in his parish,” Basescu said. In retort, Gabriela Firea mentioned that she fears the “prison” threats made against her family, Sunday evening, by President Basescu and she expects the state institutions to react at this act of intimidation. Later, the presidency spokesman Bogdan Oprea said yesterday that Firea has nothing to fear if her husband Florentin Pandele did nothing illegal in the processes of retrocession and restitution.
Basescu opts for Geoana as presidential candidate of PSD, Johannis from PNL
President Traian Basescu once again lashed out, Sunday on Realitatea TV, at the representatives of PSD, starting with PM Victor Ponta, but also had reproaches in store for PDL. The president said what candidates he sees for the presidential elections and also spoke about foreign relations, EU and Russia.
Traian Basescu mentioned that he would opt for Mircea Geoana as presidential candidate of PSD, while Klaus Johannis would be “a solution for the liberals”.  When asked by the Realitatea TV anchor whom he would prefer, among Victor Ponta, Mircea Geoana and Sorin Oprescu, as potential candidates of PSD in the presidential elections, Basescu answered: “If I had to opt for one of them, I would opt for Geoana, because he is a person who knows the game of America, understands it.”
Mircea Geoana yesterday answered him by saying that the structures of PSD decide the candidate of PSD in the presidential elections, not the acting head of state, mentioning: “Everybody knows what happened to those who rejoiced when they received the Trojan Horse as a gift. And then the Trojan Horse comes from Traian, you know what to expect.”
Referring to Premier Victor Ponta, Basescu said: “He has nothing to do with the responsibility for the country. Geoana has it, I believe, with the credibility abroad, Geoana has it,” about the mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, he said that he is not a variant for a presidential candidacy, because he is “a boy of Dambovita, of Primaverii,” while about Titus Corlatean he said that “he is catastrophic as minister of Foreign Affairs, so he cannot be president.” He also affirmed that “Ioan Rus could be a solution, but I do not believe he comes from Cluj to lose in Bucharest,” adding that Rus would not be supported by PSD.
Referring to the director of SRI, George Maior as candidate in the presidential elections, Basescu did not want to comment, saying that “he sees him well where he is,” while the SIE Director Teodor Melescanu is too old to run for president, he added.
As for a liberal candidate, Basescu believes that PNL president Crin Antonescu “is in the same bucket” as Victor Ponta. “He is part of a coup that nobody wipes with a sponge,” Basescu claimed. However, when asked whom he would vote for, between Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta, the president said: “Eventually, gnawing the teeth, I would vote for Crin Antonescu”. Referring to the variants of the liberals, the head of state mentioned that he sees Klaus Johannis as a solution for the liberals in the presidential elections.
The leader of PNL, Crin Antonescu promptly answered the accusations made by the head of state the same day, in another show on Realitatea TV. “I was not and I am not part of any coup and I have all chances for the Presidency. The discussion is representative for the mandates of Traian Basescu. A multitude of theoretic truths with many concrete lies. (…) Klaus Johannis does not want to run for president and he will not run. But I see for Mr. Johannis an important role in the Romanian state,” Antonescu said in the talk show named  ‘Jocuri de Putere.’
PSD, blamed all around
The president also lashed at the latest statements made by Premier Ponta. Asked how he sees the statement of Victor Ponta referring to the fact that, after the presidential elections, justice will be done to Constantin Nicolescu, Basescu answered that if he “does justice according to his mind,” he “will share the same apartment with Adrian Nastase”, adding that “it would be dramatic for Romania” if he becomes the president of the country. According to the acting president, the prime minister has long concluded his international career, because he is no longer “credible anywhere.”
Speaking about the minister of Interior, Gabriel Oprea, Basescu claimed that, when organising the elections of this year, he “will be a lackey of Victor Ponta”, who will do what the premier demands. “If Ponta will ask him to steal”, the president added.
Asked about the subject to transferring the port of Constanta under the control of the central administration, the head of state answered that the port of Constanta is an objective of strategic importance, which must remain under the control of central administration, mentioning that a mistake was made when 30 pc of shares were offered to the Municipality, because mayor Radu Mazare only wants “to milk it.”
Speaking about corruption, Basescu said that he doubts that the number of phone tapping warrants issued for national security is too large, “given the corruption that exists,” mentioning that the decisions of CSAT include corruption as an element that affects national security. Yet, Basescu pointed out that US Department of State’s Victoria Nuland’s recent message about corruption and oligarchies in several parts of Central and Eastern Europe wasn’t meant for Romania. ‘That message was meant for the entire region, for all the countries in our region and it was mostly determined by the situation in Ukraine’, he explained.
The president also referred to the businessman close to PSD, Sebastian Ghita, saying that he is “a type of mogul more dangerous than Dan Voiculescu”, who is only “a wretched snitch”.
Basescu-Blaga quarrel over PDL
President Basescu said that “PDL is a closed project”, because this party no longer has the capacity of internal regeneration, is dominated by the FSN (National Salvation Front) wing whose exponent is Vasile Blaga. In retort, Blaga yesterday answered the criticism, saying that “at least in the Holy Week the president should stop telling untruths” and adding that the vice-president of PDL were neither in PCR, nor in FSN, but Traian Basescu was in both organisations.
President, far from being anti-Russian, EU-united enough yet on Ukraine
President Traian Basescu also stated that he was far from being an anti-Russian and that Moscow needs to understand that it missed an extraordinary occasion to have a very good relation with Romania through its President. ‘Lavrov and Putin are both mistaken if they see me as an anti-Russian. (…) The Russian forces control the Black Sea almost in its entirety, through controlling all these frozen conflicts. (…) And I am far, this is the truth, from being an anti-Russian. (…) Moscow needs to understand that, as soon as my term in office ends, they missed an extraordinary occasion to have a very good relation with Romania through its President, just because they couldn’t accept the truth. In Transdnestria they occupy Moldovan territory, in Crimea they occupy Ukrainian territory, in Georgia they occupy Georgian territory, South Ossetia and Abkhazia…These is the reality, so why getting upset?’ Basescu told Realitatea TV private broadcaster.
Regarding the Ukraine conflict, the head of state said that the European Union hasn’t got enough levers to pull in order to be able to correct slippages, such as the one represented by the situation in Ukraine, and also that it is not joint and united enough yet.

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