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November 26, 2022

Romanians to spend Easter holidays at home

Almost 85 percent of the Romanians in the cities will spend their Easter holidays home with their family or friends as the budget they allocate for it will be on average RON 359. 15.2 percent will receive a money bonus, 11.2 food stamps and 4.9 percent presents, according to a survey conducted by MEDNET Marketing Research Center. Compared to 2013, the average budget allocated to the Easter holidays did not report a significant increase statistically speaking, as the average sum is about RON 359 in 2014 compared to 358 last year. Almost half (49 percent) of the respondents aim to buy lamb or kid to celebrate the Lord Resurrection. 5.3 percent of the respondents said they do not afford to buy lamb or kid.
Wine sales advance significantly in Romania on Paschal holidays and in one week they grow to the similar size as in one uneventful month. Red wines continue to be the favourites of Romanians on this holiday, Director General of the National Vine and Wine Employers’ Organisations (PNVV) Ovidiu Gheorghe told Agerpres on Sunday. Although total wine sales now are hard to translate in figures, producers claim Romanians consume nearly 200,000 hectolitres of taxed wine and a similar quantity of wine for self-consumption out of a total production of 4.2 million hectolitres, as recorded in 2013. Gheorghe also said wine imports at this time of the year are made up particularly of super-premium wines yet in insignificant amounts. Romania’s wine market has declined more than 100 million euros over the past years because of the crisis, from 450 million euros estimated in 2009.

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