Transdniestrian authorities ask Moscow for recognition of independence

Gagauz authorities want 5 MPs in the Chisinau parliament. Traian Basescu: “Romania won’t get involved
militarily in case of conflict”. NATO to deploy ships, intensify Baltic & Mediterranean patrols.

Transdniestrian authorities ask Russia to recognize the breakaway republic as a sovereign independent state, itar-tass informs.
The treatment was accepted by the Supreme Council of Transdniestrian State Duma and addressed to the Russian Federation Council and the President of Russia, the press service of the legislature said.
They explained that this decision based on the results of the last referendum in Transdniestria, where the vast majority of the region’s residents voted for independence and annexation to Russia. This is not the first call to Moscow authorities for recognition, but now the reason to come back to this issue was the Crimea re-unification with Russia.
“Transdniestria does not legally different from the Crimea, and the process of reunification with Russia should be held on the Crimean scenario,” said the lawmaker Vyacheslav Tobuh.
It is assumed that on Thursday a delegation of MPs led by Speaker Michael Burla will go to Moscow, where they plan to meet with the speaker of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin. In another development, the Gagauz authorities in R. of Moldova have called for five MP mandates in the Chisinau parliament, Radio Free Europe informs. The autonomist Gagauz officials from Comrat warn that if their request is ignored they will boycott the legislative elections this autumn. The request was sent to the parliament in Comrat, which has had talks with a delegation from R.of Moldova regarding autonomy for the Gagauz region.
“Romania will not get involved militarily in case of conflict; a war in the area is out of the question. We will go to war solely for a NATO partner,” President Traian Basescu stated yesterday in an interview for unimedia.info, referring to the crisis in Ukraine. At the same time, the Head of State said that if it is confirmed that Moscow is involved in the events taking place in eastern Ukraine then the EU should move on to the third stage of sanctions, an extremely harsh stage that entails, among other things, the cessation of natural gas imports from the Russian Federation.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) reacted to the decision taken by Tiraspol, calling it as “unilateral and unproductive”, defiance against the territorial integrity of R. of Moldova. A MAE release points to the concern it noted after the vote of the Tiraspol parliament for independence and joining the Russian Federation. MAE further notes it supports the Moldovan government position that this is a ‘direct defiance of the peace process in Transnistria and against the territorial integrity of R. of Moldova.’

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