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December 1, 2022

Obama’s Asia tour starts in Japan today

Papers discuss US President Barack Obama’s upcoming four-nation Asia tour amid growing regional tensions.
Mr Obama will arrive in Japan on Wednesday for a three-day visit, before heading to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, the BBC reports.
Tensions between China and its neighbours, particularly Japan and the Philippines, are high over maritime territorial rows. China has often expressed its displeasure towards what it sees as Washington’s “support” for other regional nations.
The People’s Daily feels Mr Obama’s visit to these countries will further escalate problems in the region.
“It is not difficult to see the ulterior motives of Mr Obama’s trip. Most of the countries that he is visiting are embroiled in territorial disputes with China. Is Mr Obama going to be a fire-fighter or someone who is fanning the flame?” it asks.
It alleges that the US “is secretly supporting the provocative behaviour of Japan and the Philippines”.
Jin Canrong, an expert on international affairs from Renmin University, tells Xinhua News Agency that the US wants to assert its presence in the region.
The Economic Information points out that trade and economic issues will also be on the agenda because the US is eager to expand its market in Asia.
Meanwhile, media are excited over a six-minute long music video featuring China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.
The Global Times reports that the video has sparked “intense discussion online”, with many netizens expressing their confidence in the nation’s defence forces.

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