Gov’t –PMP conflict regarding petition against fuel excise tax

The Gov’t announced it would notify the Prosecutor’s Office with regard to independent deputy Daniel Geanta’s petition against the fuel excise tax, filed with the Gov’t on behalf of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), on the grounds that over 200,000 of the 300,000 collected signatures are either unverifiable, contain false information, or pertain to deceased persons. The conclusions were reached following an inspection carried out by the Prime Minister’s Control Body.
In turn, Elena Udrea stated that PMP would file a criminal complaint against Prime Minister Victor Ponta for using threats and blackmail against those who signed PMP’s fuel excise tax petition. “Mr. Ponta has mistaken the People’s Movement Party with PSD; he thinks that if Mr. Dragnea and the local tycoons fixed the elections and the referendum, our young party will do the same.

We wish to file a criminal complaint against Mr. Ponta because he has threatened and blackmailed those who have had the courage to sign their first and last name and telephone number on these lists drafted against the excuse tax,” Udrea said, adding that members of PMP have received phone calls from others who have signed the petition complaining about being verified and expressing concern about what could happen to them. At the opposite end, the PM’s Control Body claims that out of a total of 209,719 filled-in petition columns, only 3,468 led to the exact identification of the applicants through personal identification number and ID series. 2,748 persons could be identified based on 3,468 signatures, but the identity of 720 persons could not be established because the data was incomplete or false, as 255 persons were listed with other people’s personal contact details. The Gov’t has also identified 12 instances where the signatories had in fact been deceased since before the lists were drafted, as far as 15 years ago. In late March, the People’s Movement Party announced a list had been submitted to Gov’t headquarters, containing 300,000 signatures of citizens who were in favour of relinquishing the additional fuel excise tax introduced on April 1. When in a PMP economic debate held Sunday President Traian Basescu was asked about the Government’s measure, he replied, “Then my signature must have been forged as well,” recommending reporters to demand a response from PMP on the matter.

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