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October 21, 2021

President’s warnings on Euro-parliamentary campaign

Basescu: ‘If I find that parties do not get involved in debates on stake of Euro-parliamentary election, I am going to explain it’. ‘I am kindly asking parties to keep in mind the penalties for campaign funding violations’.

President Basescu Traian on Friday presented several subjects that might be approached by parties during the campaign for the Euro parliamentary election and added that if he found that political groups did not get involved in debates on the stake of the election for the EP, he would try to explain to them elements he is acquainted with in this respect.
‘If I find that parties do not get involved in debates on the stake of these elections and the subjects of national interest, I shall have no way out and during the campaign I shall try to explain elements I am very well acquainted with of what the stake of these elections means, the subjects of major interest for Romania and the effects if we do not do our job well,’ said the Head of State at Cotroceni.
Basescu Traian also called on the political parties to keep in mind Law 78/2000 establishing penalties for electoral campaign funding violations, insisting that the state institutions will carefully watch in an attempt to reduce black money to a minimum.
In this context he presented a list of subjects and also said that the legislation passed by the EP also became national legislation, pointing out that one of the subjects that are easiest to approach is Romania’s access to the Schengen area. ‘Parliamentarians are extremely important in putting pressure on the member states, in talking with their colleagues in the European Parliament and in offering arguments why Romania can begin the process of accession to the Schengen area (…),’ said the Head of State.
President Basescu said that another subject of national interest is how one can, from within the EP, support the process of the Republic of Moldova coming closer and subsequently getting integrated into the European Union. He said that this was a major aim for Romania.
Dispute with Schulz
Another subject for people who run for a position of Euro deputy is, according to Traian Basescu, connected to the election of the EC President. He said that a good turnout in the European elections was important, in the context in which this ballot would foreshadow the future head of the European Commission, who could be either the Socialists’ candidate, Martin Schulz, for whom Crimea’s annexing was ‘only an accomplished fact,’ or the EPP’s candidate, Jean-Claude Juncker. ‘To Mr Schulz, Crimea’s annexation is a fait accompli, which should calm us down; he will probably have the same approach if other negative developments follow that disfavour Romania,’ Basescu said.
In retort, in a recent interview to Agerpres, the European Socialists’ candidate for the chairmanship of the future European Commission Martin Schulz says he was taken aback by what he termed the aggressiveness and hostility of Romania’s President Basescu Traian toward him, saying that behind Basescu’s recent disparaging remarks would be a political game that is part of the election campaign. Schulz explained that the territorial integrity of Europe’s sovereign states is inviolable, and that he has firmly condemned the unilateral violation of the international rules by Russia by the annexation of Crimea.
PSD Chairman Victor Ponta defended Schulz, saying that President  Basescu Traian  had an ‘unacceptable’ and ‘shameful’ attitude through the statements made in regards with European Parliament President.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean replied in a ministry release that President Traian Basescu shockingly breaches the constitutional rule about political neutrality. “Through the manner he imposes to the voters his own political option in the MEP elections, the president becomes an active participant in the political fight, proving he is just the image of his own group of political interests,” says Corlatean, adding that “the attack against Schulz is an outrageous falsehood.” As for PNL chairman Crin Antonescu, he said Traian Basescu allegedly committed an “unofficial plagiarism” from PNL, regarding the campaign themes announced for the MEP elections, but also that the Head of State cannot threaten with his involvement in debates.

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