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May 17, 2022

Romanian and Moldovan officials hail EU visas waiver for Chisinau

Citizens of Republic of Moldova could travel to EU countries without visas. President Basescu: ‘The decision will strengthen Moldova’s European course. PM Ponta: ’The visa liberalisation is a well-deserved pay of this joint effort of the authorities and citizens’. PM Leanca: ‘A historic day bringing more freedom’.

As of yesterday, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova who have biometric passports can enter Romania and remain here without possessing a visa, to stay no longer than 90 days, over any period of 180 days.
President Traian Basescu said that both the liberalisation of movement in the EU for the Moldovan citizens and the near signing of the Association Agreement will strengthen the European course of this country.
‘I want to voice my complete satisfaction with the fact that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova will be able to travel freely in Europe, without visas. Unfortunately, this getting closer of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union happens on the background of the violent acts and political pressures exercised by Russia on some independent and sovereign countries, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, the citizens of which clearly voiced their option of joining the western political civilisation space,’ the Romanian head of state says in his message, according to a Presidential Administration release. President Basescu underscores that the right to free movement in the EU will have to be assumed with full responsibility by each person.
‘A right is not a given thing, it can be withdrawn if the obligations that each European citizen must accept are not observed. This requires dialogue, the awareness and assumption of some principles which make the foundation of our identity in Europe. Especially in the tense international context we are encountered now, we must clearly set our priorities, consolidate the trust and respect without which we shall not be able to build a common future in a dignified, free and democratic world,’ he shows.

The head of state points out that the integration of the Republic of Moldova in ‘the great European family’ is a priority to Romania and that our country will support this thing, by all the means at its disposal. ‘I am positive that both the liberalisation of the movement in the EU for the Moldovan citizens and the near signing of the Association and Free Trade agreements will strengthen the European path of the Republic of Moldova,’ says President Basescu.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta also congratulated the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the citizens of this country for the liberalisation of the travel visas in the European space.
‘It is a piece of news long waited by each citizen across the Prut River, by all those who strongly believe in the European ideal, in the Republic of Moldova’s coming back to the community of values it naturally appertains to and where it belongs to – the European Union,’ Ponta says. “The visa liberalisation is a well-deserved pay of this joint effort of the authorities and citizens, as well as a proof of the support the Republic of Moldova’s European integration process enjoys in Europe (…)”, the PM also said.
Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean sent a congratulatory message to the Chisinau authorities, pointing out the success of the visa liberalization ‘is due to every citizen of the Republic of Moldova.’ ‘The visa liberalization is a concrete proof, deeply symbolic, as well as extremely convincing, of the benefits resulting from the European accession. (…) The symbolic moment when Romania’s citizens could freely travel within the European Union in 2002 is still fresh in our memory. I’m convinced that in the upcoming days and weeks, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova will experience the same joy and emotion, as well as the same sense of returning to our common home, Europe, the Romanians on the right side of the Prut have experienced at that time. Welcome to Romania! Welcome back to Europe!” FM Corlatean message reads.
Leanca: our road home, to Europe, continues
Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Iurie Leanca, hailed the day before as a historic day for the Republic of Moldova “because it brings Moldovans more freedom once the visas to travel to Europe were lifted.” “…It is a victory for our young people, who see their future in a modern European Moldova and who, by their day-to-day actions, by their studies, contribute to building Europe here, at home,” said PM Leanca during a press conference, before the departure of a large official Moldovan delegation to Greece, the country which acts as half-year president of the EU, for the forum “No visas in the European Union.” “Visa waiver is not the end of the road, on the contrary, it is the continuation of our road home, to Europe!” concluded the Moldovan Prime Minister.
As for Chairman of Parliament in Chisinau, Igor Corman, he said, quoted by Realitatea.net, that “…It is our duty to observe the EU regulations. Today we harbor a feeling of pride and fulfillment. What was a dream some time ago, now it turned into reality.”
Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest Iurie Renita labelled the EU visas waiver as having a “deep historic significance.” “By lifting the visas, the Republic of Moldova proves it is a European state, that shares the EU values but also requirements, and its citizens become officially Europeans,” said the ambassador, quoted by Mediafax.

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