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September 25, 2021

Judge, court clerk, other four people under investigation for corruption

Stan Mustata is member of judges’ panel in Dan Voiculescu’s case on privatisation of Food Research Institute.

Judge Stan Mustata, member of the judges who had yesterday the hearing for Dan Voiculescu’s corruption case, was arrested by DNA (Anti-corruption Department) prosecutors, yesterday morning, with a warrant, even from the offices of Bucharest Court of Appeal.
The magistrate is suspected of having taken a bribe.
Yesterday also, the section for judges of the Supreme Council of Magistracy approved the preventive arrest of the magistrate. On April 8, the day when one of the hearings in the ICA file was supposed to take place, Judge Stan Mustata submitted a request of abstention in the fraudulent privatisation file of the Food Research Institute (ICA), in which Dan Voiculescu was sentenced initially to five years in prison. Stan Mustata claimed at that moment that he could not judge Dan Voiculescu’s case after the media released some “false” materials regarding the alleged interests of the magistrate. His abstention request was rejected, but it led to a new delay in Dan Voiculescu’s trial at that moment.
Shortly after he was arrested, DNA announced the beginning of the criminal investigation against judge Stan Mustata and other five people, among whom a court clerk of the Court of Appeal Bucharest. The anti-corruption prosecutors accuse them of creating or joining a criminal group in order to do legal corruption crimes (taking bribes, influence peddling, buying and using directly or indirectly information which are not accessible to media and allowing access to unauthorized people at these information) for material benefits. In this case, the prosecutors benefited from special support from the Romanian Intelligence Service.
Judge Stan Mustata left DNA at noon, after almost four hours of hearings, saying the prosecutors put him under investigation and that they claim that a friend of his allegedly met a friend of Dan Voiculescu to find a favorable solution in the ICA case. Upon the exit of DNA office, the judge said the investigators’ evidence is not conclusive or sufficient to form accusations.

The judge admitted that there are recordings in the file, made by the investigators, using technology placed in the office of a friend of his, “Boraci Ioan,” who owns a farm.
Inquired what kind of talks he held with this friend, Stan Mustata said he has never talked about things like interventions in cases or receiving money or goods. Inquired whether along his career he was offered or received goods, judge Mustata said he always refused what he was offered, giving the example of an offer made by “an interested person” who wanted to give him a mobile phone. The judge said he had no friends among lawyers, reason for which he was represented by a lawyer by default at DNA.
About the case of Dinel Staicu, Mustata said he could not get involved under any circumstance, because of the law, and also because of the computer software, which made the random distribution of cases, because the software is strict and any alteration made can be seen by the ICT tech team.
Legal sources told Hotnews.ro that the arrest with warrant of judge Stan Mustata is related to Dan Voiculescu’s case, but also with the case of football transfers, that of Meme Stoica, to be precise. Stan Mustata is the one who ordered the arrest of Ovidiu Tender a few years back and who released Dan Stroe, former vice-general director and former director of purchases at ANAF, as well as Octavian Grecu, aka “Butoane,” in the file in which they are under investigation along Sorin Blejnar and businessman Radu Nemes, for tax evasion with oil products.
Magistrate Stan Mustata made the abstention request in Dan Voiculescu’s case after his name appeared in the DNA report of arrest of Judge Veronica Cirstoiu, who allegedly took a bribe of EUR 600,000 to release Dinel Staicu from prison.
Voiculescu: General Prosecutor should check if there is blackmail in Mustata case at DNA
PC founding chairman Dan Voiculescu announced yesterday that he sent a notification to the general prosecutor to make an investigation at DNA, to see who ordered the arrest of judge Mustata, if there is blackmail involved or if there is an organized crime group there. The PC leader said he will notify the Parliament as well, if it will be considered that the investigation requested for the Prosecutor’s Office is not necessary. Voiculescu added that he does not know judge Mustata and has no friends who know him. Voiculescu also said that his political battle with President Traian Basescu caused pains to people who have no fault.
On September 26, 2013 Bucharest Tribunal sentenced Dan Voiculescu to five years of prison for money laundering. The judges noticed that the deadline for special prescription was met and ordered the cessation of the criminal lawsuit for the other felony he was accused by DNA prosecutors, that of using, by a person who has a leading position in a political party, of influence and authority with the purpose of getting money or other goods for himself or for other individual.
Gheorghe Mencinicopschi, former minister Sorin Pantis, Corneliu Popa, Catalin Sandu Jean, Vlad Savulescu and Flavius Adrian Pop were sentenced to six years of prison. The court also ruled the sentence of five years of prison for Gheorghe Sin, Constantin Baciu, Alexandru Petre, Grigore Marinescu and Vica Ene. The sentence was attacked at Bucharest Court of Appeal which is going to rule a definitive sentence in this case. Dan Voiculescu and other 12 people were sued in this case since early December 2008. The prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate claim that the fraudulent privatisation of ICA was made for the use of Dan Voiculescu, undervaluing the institute assets by more than EUR 7.7 million.

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