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May 22, 2022

President Basescu concerned about possible civil war in Ukraine

Bucharest unreservedly supports Ukraine’s integrity.

President Traian Basescu launched on Sunday, during a press statement at the Cotroceni Palace, an appeal to Washington and Moscow “to assume in the shortest of time the starting of dialogue between the ruling power and the separatists (in Ukraine). Otherwise the risk of a civil war is significant and Romania, as Ukraine’s neighbour, is interested in not seeing that happen.” Traian Basescu added that Romania is not threatened by a war but risks being “significantly affected by regional instability.”
Romania unreservedly supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity, President Traian Basescu added. “The events in Odessa are becoming dangerous and could be the element that triggers a massive civil war,” Basescu pointed out. “Mrs. Catherine Ashton’s proposal for the urgent setting up of an investigation commission to establish who is guilty for the victims in Odessa should be supported by all EU states,” the President added.

Romania can be significantly affected by the instability generated by a civil war in Ukraine. The instability will be reflected in the way Romania will borrow on external markets for its own needs. “I would like to comment some statements that the Premier casually made as part of the presidential campaign he is engaged in. One of the statements made during his visit in Craiova was that a war is in store for us, but one that has a silver lining too, namely that it would generate orders for the defence industry. I want to state for all Romanians and for our partners: Romania does not have the feeling that it will be attacked by the Russian Federation, no element of analysis supports the statement that the Premier made yesterday,” Traian Basescu said.  “I would like to remind you that the number of American soldiers has been massively hiked at the Kogalniceanu base. NATO will be prepared to intervene under UN mandate if need be, but the war does not aim at Romania. The risk of Romania being attacked is ruled out. The statement that war is in store for us is baseless,” the President added.
Moreover, referring to PM Victor Ponta’s statements on supporting the Republic of Moldova, the Head of State said: “If he wants to defend the Republic of Moldova he has to give priority to the energy interconnection projects; I have no means, the means are at the government. These are the ways in which we can defend the Republic of Moldova, otherwise it’s demagoguery.”
President Basescu also stated that the analysis concerning the call-up of reservists was made within the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), being an evaluation that is carried out in all NATO states. “The Romanian army is one of the best trained in the region, it’s an army that has been battle-hardened during 11 years spent in real theaters of operations. From this point of view you can rest easy. Romania is not in a situation of war and will not be, but it takes measures in order to lower aggressiveness in the region.”  Present in Satu Mare County, PM Victor Ponta stated that there is no need to generate fear or panic among the population, but nobody can deny that a major crisis is taking place and the conflict in Ukraine is getting increasingly closer to the Romanian border. Ponta claimed that the Romanian state has to have, through its institutions represented within the CSAT, a clear analysis and a joint strategy concerning the Ukraine crisis, claiming that all government institutions are prepared to take part in this analysis.

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