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October 23, 2021

Strongest climb in Dacia sales on French market in April

New Dacia car registrations in France have reported the strongest growth among the best-selling brands, with a 45.6 percent increase – eight times above French market levels – to 11,287 cars. Dacia is currently ranked fifth on the French market. New car sales have climbed in France by 5.8 percent to 166,968 units.
Dacia’s market share has gone up from 4.91 percent last April to 6.76 percent, data released by the French Car Manufacturers’ Association and cited by Mediafax shows. Only Renault (18.91 percent market share), Peugeot (16.91 percent), Citroen (13.1 percent), and Volkswagen (8.18 percent) grossed larger sales than Dacia in April.
Renault sales have increased by 11 percent to 31,578 units, while the same-name French group who owns Dacia reported an 18.4 percent climb in April to 42,865 units.
Dacia registrations also experienced a strong growth in the first four months of the year and were exceeded by only a couple of slightly better selling brands.
Dacia sales grew by 30.6 percent in January/April to 39,646 cars, compared with the same period last year. Dacia’s market share went up from 5.13 percent to 6.46 percent in the first four months of the year. Only French brands Renault (19.66 percent), Peugeot (17.02 percent), and Citroen (13.18 percent), and German brand Volkswagen (7.85 percent) reported market shares higher than Dacia.
The French market experienced a 3.7 percent growth in the first four months to 613,577 cars. Duster was ranked 11th among the 100 best-selling brands with 15,246 units and a 2.5 percent market share, Logan MCV II was 53rd (2,697 cars, 0.4 percent market share), and Dacia Lodgy was 60th (2,432 units, 0.4 percent market share). In the light commercial cars segment, Dacia registrations went up by 6.6 percent to 339 cars, whereas sales in the first four months dropped by 0.4 percent to 1,215 units. France is Dacia’s largest market with close to 94,000 cars sold last year.

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