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June 28, 2022

Technical adjustments for new underground trains

Metrorex bought 16 underground trains for which they paid EUR 98 million, from CAF company, reports Mediafax. The trains have six cars each, are 114 meters long and can accommodate 1,200 passengers and can run with a maximum speed of 80 km/h. The trains are equipped with access areas for disabled. The underground transport union leaders say the platforms of the new trains bought by Metrorex for which EUR 98 million were paid are too wide and need adjustments in all the 14 train stations on the line 2. “The underground trains are built observing all the design and assembly requirements for this type of train, and their size fits the free passing size for an underground train, as this size is explicitly indicated in Instruction 314M/1997,” claims Metrorex.
As for leader of the Metro Free Unions (USML) Ion Radoi, he said that “the platform must be cut” in order to fit the train, so that, apart from the EUR 98 million bought for the purchase, some extra expenses will be incurred, paid by Metrorex as well.
In this respect, inquired how he perceives the situation, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that, if Metrorex asks for it, a check-up will be performed and all the state institutions will be alerted to punish those who signed this contract. The contract between Metrorex and CAF Spain was signed in 2011.

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