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August 7, 2022

Amon Amarth and Hypnos in a true metal show

The long awaited concert Amon Amarth took place, an event excellently organized by Promusic Events and Maximum Rock Magazin (producer Nelu Brindusan), as usual. Invited to sing in the opening of the Swedes from Amon Amarth, there were G.O.D the Barbarian Horde of Iasi and Hypnos of the Czech Republic.

Everything started according to the plan and the boys at G.O.D could not disappoint the public, even if they didn’t sing so much. The stage was prepared right away for Hypnos, one of the major death metal bands in the Czech Republic and they lived up to their name. They sounded amazing. For the first time in Romania, they were extremely welcome by the public and the band players were very communicative. Energy and passion, the hair waving due to ventilators placed in front of each of them, an excellent show for the photographers and an urge to mosh pit. The spoke in Romanian, as the public grew even more excited. Multumesc!, Buna seara! and the craze goes on. Among their songs they played there were “Urbi at Morbid (intro),” “Burning Again,” “Cleansing Extrema,” “Crystal Purity of Treachery,” “Journey into Doom,” “Nailed to the Golden Throne,” “Inverted,” “Breeding the Scum,” “Orthodox” or “In Blood we Trust.”

They finished right on time and we hope to see them again here. The stage was supposed now to be set for the Nordic legends, the Vikings, Amon Amarth. That day chanced to be the very birthday of Johan Hegg, as the public sang “Happy Birthday” and he seemed impressed by the gesture. A little later, Nelu Brandusan went up the stage with a cake and a bottle of champagne and the public sang again. Their live performance sounded very good and their stage presence was so powerful that the public could only enjoy it. They are in a tournament at the moment promoting their ninth album, “Deceiver of Gods,” and they sang many songs on this album. The mixture of older and newer songs, the sudden shift from heavy songs to “ballads” was welcome. The sound was perfect and the harsh voice, the interesting drums and the guitars sounded impressive. Amon Amarth raised the public and provided best quality of death metal music. They were in a good shape and they showed their passion and the natural manner to sing. ’’Father Of The Wolf’’, ‘Deceiver Of Gods’’, ‘’Death In Fire’’, ‘’Free Will Sacrifice’’, ‘’As Loke Falls’’, ‘’Coming Of The Tide’’, ‘’Guardians Of Asgaard’’, ‘’Shape Shifter’’ were among the plays sung. They had an excellent show. After about an hour and a half of show, the encore ensued with another couple of songs at the request of the public, “Twilight of the Thunder God” and “The Pursuit of Vikings.”

More photos at: http://mondaydeartum.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/galerie-foto-concert-amon-amarth-hypnos-la-arenele-romane/

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