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September 29, 2022

Inspections in 77 hospitals, focus on surgery wards

Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu has announced that a series of inspections have been initiated in 77 hospitals with a primary focus on surgery wards to check, among others, whether deductions for medical expenses were granted appropriately and the manner in which hospitalizations were carried out. “Starting Monday (editor’s note – yesterday), joint forces from the National Health Insurance House of Romania and the Ministry of Health will be performing inspections in surgery wards from 77 Romanian hospitals. Since the scope of the operation concerns surgery wards, inspection crews will also go on site to the medical platform in Fundeni,” Baniciociu said.
According to the minister, the control teams’ objective will be to verify how medical expense deductions are awarded in hospitals, given the recent media scandal regarding illegal deductions for surgeries performed at the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Hospital in Bucharest.
“Control teams will check the manner in which deductions are granted and whether the surgeries performed correspond to the admission diagnoses. In addition, inspection results will be compared with data provided by the National School for Public Health, Management, and Health Training in Bucharest and the health insurance houses,” Banicioiu explained.
The verifications will be concluded May 30 and the results will be made public in the first half of June by the General Directorate for Monitoring, Control, and Anti-Fraud of the National Health Insurance House of Romania, the Health Minister said further.
The scope of the operation will cover reconstructive plastic surgery, ENT, and gynecology wards.
Prior to the joint inspection scheduled to begin Monday, the Minister of Health visited Fundeni Clinical Institute, the C.C. Iliescu Cardiovascular Disease Institute, and the Bucharest Oncology Institute. Commenting on the condition of the Bucharest Oncology Institute, the minister said the institution has the necessary medicines because measures have been taken to prevent any shortcomings in this respect, but the overall report is not positive and a new approach is required. Banicioiu also stressed the importance of including the national radiation therapy program in the World Bank scheme.

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