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May 20, 2022

Eurovision kicked off

Artists from 16 countries competed in 1st Eurovision semi-final.

Armenia’s Eurovision contender Aram MP3, Russia’s representatives and the youngest singers this year the Tolmachevy Sisters, and the eccentric Icelandic band Pollaponk are some of the artists who competed on Tuesday evening in the first Eurovision semi-final in Copenhagen, broadcast live on TVR public station as of 10 p.m. 16 countries competed last night for 10 spots in the Grand Final due on May 10. The hosts of the show held on May 6, 8 and 10 are Nikolaj Koppel, Pilou Asbak and Lise Ronne.
Here were the contenders to compete in the first semi-final: 1. Armenia: ‘Not Alone’ sung by Aram MP3, 2. Latvia: ‘Cake To Bake’ by Aarzemnieki, 3. Estonia: ‘Amazing’ by Tanja, 4. Sweden: ‘Undo’ by Sanna Nielsen, 5. Iceland: ‘No Prejudice’ by Pollaponk, 6. Albania,: ‘One Night’s Anger’ by Hersi, 7. Russia: ‘Shine’ by Tolmachevy Sisters, 8. Azerbaijan: ‘Start A Fire’ by Dilara Kazimova, 9. Ukraine: ‘Tick-Tock’ by Mariya Yaremchuk, 10. Belgium: ‘Mother’ by Axel Hirsoux, 11. The Republic of Moldova: ‘Wild Soul’ by Cristina Scarlat, 12. San Marino: ‘Maybe (Forse)’ by Valentina Monetta, 13. Portugal: ‘Quero Ser Tua’ by Suzy, 14. The Netherlands: ‘Calm After The Storm’ by The Common Linnets, 15. Montenegro: ‘Moj Svijet’ by Sergej &Aeligetkoviæ and Hungary: ‘Running’ by Andras Kallay-Saunders.
The professional juries voted on the performance of the 16 singers on Monday evening, at the third dress rehearsal. The juries that gave their vote include members of the countries participating in this semi-final, plus juries from Spain, France and Denmark. Each competing country has a jury made up of five music industry experts to vote individually. The voting process in the Eurovision semi-finals and finals are split 50/50 between the audience telephone vote and a jury vote. Viewers in all countries are able to vote for their favourite singer, except for the representatives of their country, by telephone, text and the official Eurovision app. If there is draw, the singers with most televotes will go on to win a place in the final.
Romania’s Paula Seling and Ovi will perform in the second semi-final on May 8, their contest entry number being 15. TVR 1, TVR HD, TVR International and tvrplus.ro will broadcast live the first Eurovision 2014 semifinal as of 10 p.m. The live broadcast from B&W Hallerne, the venue of the Eurovision Song Contest, will be preceded by Studio Eurovision hosted by Nicolle Stanese.

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