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July 31, 2021

Poetry fair and festival, May 14-18, Bucharest

The National Poetry Book Fair and the Bucharest International Poetry Festival will take place from May 14 to May 18 in Bucharest. The events are aimed at re-familiarizing audiences with the concept of a more visible and interactive contemporary poetry. The National Poetry Book Fair (NPBF), now at its fifth edition, will bring together poets and cultural magazines active in this field who will be presenting various poetry volumes. The Fair constitutes a unique event in post-December Romania, one which pays homage to poetic creation as it is an essential feature in any true cultural identity.
This year marks the second edition of the Bucharest International Poetry Festival (BIPF), which has set out to bring Romanian audiences face to face with visible and influential European poets who can offer an encompassing perspective on the contemporary poetry phenomenon and through interaction with the public can put forward a correct and up-to-date perception of the living organism that is poetry.
The foreign writers invited to BIPF are well-known and influential in their native culture and they have been published and translated in multiple languages. They have also edited and collaborated with various prestigious cultural magazines and platforms.
According to the organizers, NPBF and BIPF have emerged out of necessity, aside from a desire to re-familiarize audiences with a more visible and interactive contemporary poetry. Bucharest is among the few European capitals that had never hosted a large scale poetry festival until five years ago. The two simultaneous festivals have been created to make up for this major shortcoming which places both poetry as a literary genre and poets in the outskirts of publicly promoted fields.
Over 170 contemporary Romanian poets took part in the first four editions of NPBF and numbers are expected to exceed 200 this year.
Participants at the 2014 edition include Yolanda Castano (Spain), Ana Brnardic Oproiu (Croatia), Denes Krusovszky (Hungary), Peter Racz (Hungary), Adam Borzic (Czech Republic), Marko Pogacar (Croatia), Andrea Inglese (Italy), Jana Putrle Srdic (Slovenia), Dumitru Crudu (Republic of Moldova), Alexandru Vakulovski (Republic of Moldova), and Hose Pablo (Republic of Moldova).
The National Museum of Romanian Literature (MLNR) in Bucharest and Euro CulturArt Association are the main organizers of the event, in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Ion Dacian National Operetta Theater.

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