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January 25, 2022

Senate Speaker Tariceanu received by r. Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu said on Thursday that he was happy to see that all the important institutions of the Republic of Moldova perceived that this country was firmly going on a European route.
‘The Ukrainian problem cannot be absent from the agenda of the talks with Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti as it is a subject that brings about worry, a major fear of all European states. Romania and Moldova, who are neighbours to Ukraine, are the more so concerned for this subject. I am happy to see that all Moldova’s important institutions perceive that the country is firmly going on a European route. Of course, there will follow the election for Moldova’s Parliament, things are not far from being clearly defined, there is a risk that concurrently with the potential coming to power, let us presume, of the communists, this route should no longer be so straight and unequivocal,’ said Tariceanu, quoted by Agerpres, after the meeting with President of the Republic of Moldova Nicolae Timofti.
He added that during the meeting he mentioned the necessity to reach a national consensus on this major project for Moldova. ‘Actually, something must not be hidden: Moldova should decide which way the wind blows: it wants to become a European country that should align to the European principles and values, that should benefit from the status of the European country when it comes to the citizens’ rights and freedoms or, as Ukraine wavered too, it has another possibility. All politicians must leave aside the partisan disputes and consider what the Moldovan society wants, I am referring to the active part, to young people, who have a very clear option. If we consider Ukraine, we can see that there was there a break between the political class and the society, which wanted to go to Europe and the political class hesitated, hence, the crisis too,’ said the Speaker of Romania’s Senate.

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