Horia Roman Patapievici, Gabriel Liiceanu decorated by President Basescu

President Traian Basescu on Friday decorated during a ceremony held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace authors Horia Roman Patapievici and Gabriel Liiceanu.
Thus, Horia Roman Patapievici received the National Order of Faithful Service, in rank of Knight, and Gabriel Liiceanu the Star of Romania National Order, in rank of Officer.  Moreover, the head of the state bestowed the National Order of Faithful Service, in rank of Knight, to film director Peter Netzer. President Traian Basescu also bestowed the National Order of Faithful Service, in rank of Officer, to the director of the Cotroceni National Museum, Adina Rentea, the National Order for Merit, in rank of Commander, to writer and literary critic Dan C. Mihailescu, the National Order for Merit, in rank of Knight, to music critic Dumitru Avakian and programme director at Radio Romania Cultural, Teodora Stanciu.
President Traian Basescu told the ceremony that politicians do not know how to keep intellectuals close to them and they fail to realise that they pass by what is most valuable to the Romanian nation. ‘(…) They do not strive at all to understand them and they pass them by without realising they are passing by what is most valuable in the Romania nation,’ Basescu said, as quoted by Agerpres.President Basescu also said that one of the ideas of the intellectuality was the full opening of the archives of the former Securitate (security police), pointing out that today he can state with a clear conscience that the SRI archives were entirely handed over, as well as the SIE archive, which culminated in the archive of ICE Danube.
Yesterday, in Timisoara, the head of state said that until the appointment of Horia -Roman Patapievici and Mircea Mihaies at the helm of the Romanian Cultural Institute, the institution was used “to provide overpaid jobs”, stressing also the fact that no one ever asked that leadership for anything.

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