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January 23, 2022

Bauer: Ukraine could choose a collective defence system; the vector is NATO

Ukraine rejects the idea of federalisation, but wants decentralisation, the Ukrainian ambassador in Bucharest says.

Ukraine must analyse the guarantees provided so far by some European and international organisations and choose a collective defence system, the Ukrainian ambassador in Bucharest, Teofil Bauer said yesterday in a press conference, referring to NATO.
“What happened made us wonder about various international and European organisms of cooperation that should have provided guarantees regarding the integrity of the states that belong to these organisations. I believe and hope that the due conclusions will be drawn, there will be an analysis of how good the guarantees we had were, and it is possible that, in the coming period, Ukraine will choose a collective defence system that will provide more guarantees than those we had until now,” Teofil Bauer mentioned.
He added that some international organisation proved to be “inefficient when problems arose.”
“We will be forced to seek other variants of ensuring the security of the state,” Bauer added. Asked if he refers to NATO, given the use of the “collective defence” system, Bauer confirmed. “In the present constitution, it is mentioned that Ukraine is a neutral state, outside any collective defence systems. In order to change this situation, the Constitution must be modified as well. It is not something that will happen in the immediate future, but I believe the vector is the one you mentioned,” the Ukrainian ambassador said, adding that “the last say in this matter belongs to the people.”
Ambassador Bauer also mentioned that Ukraine is imposed the idea of federalisation, which Kiev rejected considering it an attempt at destabilisation, while Ukrainian authorities want decentralisation. The Ukrainian Ambassador also said that Ukraine will pay its gas debts to Russia until June 3, after Gazprom announced that it will cease gas deliveries starting this date.

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