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January 27, 2022

Vote to lift Florin Popescu’s immunity postponed again due to lack of quorum

The vote to lift deputy Florin Popescu’s immunity was not made yesterday as the session of the Chamber of Deputies plenum was suspended due to lack of quorum, as only 151 deputies signed the presence list and the quorum quota is 202. The Chamber of Deputies agenda included the debate on several draft laws for rejection. The session of the lower chamber in which the immunity of deputy Florin Popescu was to be voted was suspended last week as well, due to the lack of quorum. The vote suspension caused, as usual, election-related statements among deputies. Prime Minister Victor Ponta himself said yesterday that PSD, PC and UNPR MPs will be present at all parliamentary activities from May 26 onwards, after the election campaign concludes, saying that the vote about deputy Florin Popescu will “resist” another couple of weeks, as “the chickens had already been eaten.”  Ponta had said on Monday night at Romania TV channel that if PNL, PDL and PMP want Florin Popescu to be arrested, he will fulfill their wish. Moreover, the PM said that the chickens received as bribe by deputy Florin Popescu were “meant for Traian Basescu.”
PSD Deputy Florin Iordache nonchalantly admitted that the MEP election campaign is more important for PSD MPs than the vote about the request for Florin Popescu’s preventive arrest, which might be given only after the May 25 elections.
On the other hand, prime vice-chairman PDL Andreea Paul accused the PMP MPs and Elena Udrea of being absent, as Florin Popescu is a PMP member. “I have not seen Elena Udrea, she was not in the hall…You should know that she is usually absent, she is only present on the Parliament corridors in front of the cameras,” said Paul.
DNA asked the approval of the Chamber of Deputies for Florin Popescu’s preventive arrest for using his influence or authority in order to get money, goods or other services, more precisely he is accused of asking for dozens of thousands of grill chickens from a company to distribute them during the election campaign.

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