15 counties placed under code orange for flood warning

The minister of Interior, Gabriel Oprea announced yesterday, during a meeting of the Emergency Command held at the government’s HQ, that 15 counties are under a code orange flood warning and 9 others might be placed under the same regime in the next hours, while 12,500 employees of the ministry are ready to intervene.
“In the coming hours, we might complete the code orange warning for Bucharest, Giurgiu, Teleorman and Prahova. This code orange ends at 2 AM, but the current moves toward the Oriental Mountains, so we can issue a code orange warning for Bacau, Neamt, Suceava, while Buzau might remain under code orange until morning. A new warning will be issued next morning and we estimate that several counties under code yellow might see this warning condition removed. Tomorrow evening, it will remain in effect for Mehedinti, Calarasi, Suceava”, the minister said yesterday around 4.00 PM, quoted by
In south-western Romania, 4 counties are under the incidence of a code orange flood warning, from Wednesday at 9.00 AM until Friday at 6.00 PM, the National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) announced. The code orange warning is also in effect for the rivers Drincea (Mehedinti County), upper Desnatui (Dolj County), Jiu upstream Racari and its tributaries (in the counties of Hunedoara, Gorj, Mehedinti and Dolj). Important flow increases up to attention levels may also occur on smaller water courses from hill and mountain regions, in central and eastern Romania. Atmospheric instability will be present throughout most country regions, with showers, lightning and wind gusts, plus hail in spots. In the regions Banat, Oltenia, most of Muntenia and Moldavia, as well as in western and southern Transylvania, the quantities of rain will exceed 25…30 l/sq.m. The counties of Caras Severin, Mehedinti, Gorj, Valcea, Arges, Dambovita, Prahova, Buzau and Vrancea will be hit by abundant showers that will bring 60…70 l/sq.m.
A code yellow flood warning was also issued for the rivers of the hydrographic basins upper Timis, Barzava, Moravita, Caras, Nera, Cerna (the counties of Timis and Caras-Severin), Drincea (Mehedinti County), Desnatui (Dolj County), Jiu and its tributaries (counties of Hunedoara, Gorj, Mehedinti and Dolj).

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