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March 6, 2021

Aurescu: Anti-missile shield in Romania operational as of 2015

MAE secretary of state Bogdan Aurescu said on Thursday that there are no delays in setting up the shield at Deveselu which is to be operational in 2015, all the necessary funding sources being provided, reads a MAE release. The statement was made at the International Security Conference GLOBSEC 2014 which takes place in Bratislava between May 14 and 16, 2014. MAE secretary of state talked about the security evolutions in the near vicinity of Romania, stressing the importance which must be placed on NATO major mission of securing collective defense in this context. Aurescu reminded about the measures to make the defense system against ballistic missiles operational, as well as Romania’s “significant contribution” in this respect, through Deveselu base. About the capabilities of the North-Atlantic Alliance of defense, including the anti-missile defense, Bogdan Aurescu said the worrying evolutions in Ukraine confirm the necessity of a larger presence of the US and the NATO on the territory of the eastern NATO member states, Romania included.

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