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October 18, 2021

Auto market continues positive trend, after 5 years of decline

Sales of cars – automobiles and commercial vehicles – soared in April for the 10th month in a row, and deliveries at 4 months advanced by 23.3 pc against the same interval of last year, to 27,003 units, driven by the segment of automobiles, according to data released by the Romania’s Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA). Deliveries of automobiles went up 21.7 pc, to 22,088 units at 4 months.
“With the data registered in April 2014, we have 10 consecutive months of growth against the similar months of the previous year, which – at a first analysis – shows a consolidation of the positive evolution also present at European scale. But one must take into account the fact that in the last 6 months of 2013 we had the positive effect of the Clunkers Programme, while on the other hand in Q1 2013 (to which we compare the good start of 2014) sales had to suffer from the expectation induced to the market by the late start of the Clunkers Programme (which only occurred in June). Nevertheless, an increase during 10 months in a row is a situation we have not experienced during the last 5 years and it deserves all attention,” APIA mentions. Sales continue to be driven by the acquisitions made by companies, which account for 81 pc of the total volume registered in the first 4 months, During January-April, 142,123 road vehicles were produced, 3.4 pc fewer than a year ago. Out of these, 119,879 units (84 pc) were manufactured by Dacia, 22,241 (15.6 pc) by Ford and 3 by Roman Brasov. In terms of models, the highest volumes were registered by Dacia Duster (50,783 units), followed by Dacia Logan (38,871 units), Ford B-MAX (22,241 units), Dacia Sandero (16,735 units) and Dacia Logan MCV (13,490 units). In April, 32,513 vehicles were exported, which takes deliveries abroad at 4 months to 130,547 units, a 4.6 pc increase against the similar interval of 2013.
The most exported model in April was Dacia Duster (14,807 units), followed by Dacia Logan (8,577 units) and Ford B-MAX (4,058 units), the top being the same also in relation with the analysis of the first 4 months (Duster 46,801 units, Logan 34,751 units and B-MAX 22,234 units). Dacia remains the best performer of the European market, as it registered the highest growth rate at EU scale (40.4 pc).
In the segment of automobiles, at 4 months, the top of brands is led by Dacia, followed by Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford, Renault and Opel. Depending on the type of fuel, diesel-propelled automobiles consolidate their growth to 59.3 pc at 4 months of 2014, up from 58.8 pc in 2013.
As a consequence of the past evolution, along with the short-term market drivers, APIA considers an increase of 4-5 pc until the end of the year for the whole auto market, with emphasis on the segment of commercial vehicles (light and heavy).

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