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June 22, 2021

EP candidates received contributions of nearly RON 3.62 M

The most substantial contributions went to PSD-UNPR-PC Alliance- RON 1.62 M, which got donations of RON 42,200 also in campaign for partial local elections. PNL declares highest donations in campaign for partial parliamentary elections.

Contributions received and declared up to May 14 by political parties and alliances and by independent candidates in the European Parliament elections of May 25 amount to nearly RON 3.62 million, the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) informs.
Corporate donors contributed RON 507,910, while individuals gave early RON 3.11 M.
The most substantial contributions (RON 1.62 M) went to the Electoral Alliance made up of the Social-Democratic Party, National Union for Romania’s Progress and Conservative Party; RON 240,658 came from corporate donors and RON 1.318 from individuals. The Democrat Liberal Party got RON 663,412, of which RON 54,300 from corporate contributors and RON 609,112 from individuals.
The National Liberal Party was third in the contributions top, with RON 107,852 from companies and RON 374,686 from individuals, for a total of RON 482,538; next came the People’s Movement Party with RON 310,333 (RON 2,300 corporate contributions, RON 308,033 individual).
The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania got RON 63,000 from individuals only; the same goes for the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party, which received RON 30,000, the New Republic Party – RON 28.787, the Civic Force -RON 57,940, and the People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu – RON 82,551.The smallest donations went to the Farmers’ National Alliance -RON17,800 from corporate contributors, to the Social Justice Party RON 6,000, corporate donors only, and to the Green Party –  RON 4,750, exclusively corporate contributions.
The Greater Romania Party, the Socialist Alternative Party and the Romanian Ecologist Party registered no donations.

According to AEP, PNL has declared, in the campaign for partial parliamentary elections, donations worth RON 296,500, whereas the PSD-UNPR-PC Alliance has received, according to its own statements, RON 24,100. The entire amount announced by the liberals was donated by individuals. As to the PSD-UNPR-PC Alliance, of the RON 24,100, RON 4,500 was donated by legal entities and RON 19,600 by individuals. PDL has declared total donations of RON 5,000, PPDD – RON 11,500 and PMP – RON 2,200. In all the three cases, the recorded sums were donated by individuals.
The PSD-UNPR-PC Alliance has received donations of 42,200 lei, the highest recorded in the campaign for partial local elections as well. Liberal Democratic Party received 9,110 lei, PPDD – 8,024 lei, PNL – 7,450 lei, PSD – 4,238 lei and the German Democratic Forum of Romania – 350 lei. Total donations received and declared by political parties, political and election alliances and by independent candidates stand at 116,922 lei. The donations come from individuals only.
Antonescu accuses Ponta for using public funds during the campaign
PNL President Crin Antonescu accused PM Victor Ponta on Monday that he used public funds during the entire campaign for EP elections. “Ponta went on campaign as prime-minister, using governmental devices (helicopters, Government staff) and public money for party actions”, said Antonescu, explaining that even the Government’s action during the floods turned to electoral campaign. “There is no hope with PSD to go ahead, to adjust 2014, we must expect a return in the past,” Antonescu argued.
Earlier in the day Crin Antonescu told B1TV there are politicians ranging from President Traian Basescu to Prime Minister Victor Ponta who are waging a huge battle for the prosecutors’ influence. “There are politicians, even more now, ranging from Mr. Basescu who, of course, sees himself as the master of the place, goes like: ‘Man, this is my toy’, even if it is or not – and Mr. Ponta, who is forcefully coming with a legion of concerned people. A huge battle is being waged for the influence over these people’.
Blaga’s anti-PSD message
On Monday, PDL leader Vasile Blaga stated that much like PNL leader Crin Antonescu he recommends citizens who plan on voting for the right not to opt for smaller parties because “a vote for parties which will not be in the EP is a vote for PSD.” “The majority of votes cast in favour of parties that will not be in the European Parliament will be redirected at PSD, which is obviously close to 40 percent and will get 40 percent of redistributed votes. For this reason, a vote for parties that will not be part of the EP is a vote for PSD,” the PDL leader said, urging voters to exercise their democratic right on May 25 because otherwise they would be helping PSD.
In turn, PNL chairman Crin Antonescu urged the electorate thinking of opting for PNTCD, the Civic Force, or other smaller parties in the EP elections to choose more wisely and take into account the fact that their vote would in reality be for PSD.
On the other hand, Catalin Predoiu, presidential candidate and First Vice-Chairman of PDL, revealed yesterday that an ampler right-wing political construction will be devised after the elections this coming Sunday in view of supporting the presidential candidates. He also underlined that for the time being PDL is the only party whose candidate has a real chance in the presidential race.
Basescu in Iasi: Booing and messages about autonomy
As he was leaving the venue of a People’s Movement Party (PMP) debate held Sunday in Iasi, the head of state was booed by tens of people, mostly pensioners. They blamed him for cutting pensions back in 2010 and ruining the country. “We have no jobs,” a woman, whose child had gone to work abroad because there are no available jobs in Romania, told the President. In response, he stressed that he is not in charge of creating jobs and recalled that it was Prime Minister Victor Ponta who had promised “one million jobs.”
When asked in the previous electoral debate whether he believes certain demands for territorial autonomy in our country might be fueled by a possible scenario involving Romania’s unification with the Republic of Moldova, President Basescu answered, “I don’t think a connection can be made between the Republic of Moldova becoming closer to Romania and the EU and some people’s separatist wants. I travel to Covasna and Harghita quite regularly and the residents of those regions have no desire for quarrel, separatism, or isolation. It is simply some politicians’ approach. I would be less alarmed by this matter, even if we sometimes have a problem with how they celebrate their national days,” Basescu said.
Party members in trouble with the law
Political parties are not only handling the last minute preparations before the EP elections, but also the law violations committed by party members. Mihaela Bodonea, chairman of the Bihor Green Party, has been remanded in custody after DNA prosecutors arrested her for accepting EUR 6,500 in exchange for offering 192 membership seats in voting booth oversight commissions for the upcoming elections. PDL Resita chairman Gheorghe Nasturel is under investigation for his involvement in a car accident in Resita. According to the police, the man allegedly crashed his car into a lighting post while intoxicated, as his blood alcohol level was 0.8 per mil.

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