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October 17, 2021

Elimination of 92 taxes, no major budgetary impact

The elimination of the 92 taxes which will be operated under several normative in the Government’s meeting on Tuesday will not have a major budgetary impact, but it will contribute to reducing bureaucracy, Prime Minister Victor Ponta told the Government meeting. He voiced his conviction that ‘even our political opponents will praise’ the Government for having eliminated 92 taxes. During the Cabinet meeting the emergency ordinance to modify some normative acts regarding non-fiscal charges and tariffs was approved, the ordinance ‘cutting 12 charges and tariffs, of which five through elimination and seven through merging’, the Executive’s Press Bureau informs. The Government also adopted a decision to modify some normative acts regarding charges and tariffs collected for providing services, the decision ‘cutting 15 taxes and tariffs, of which five through elimination and ten through merging’. ‘These are taxes for which, in 2013, collections stood at less than RON 100,000 for each tax’, according to the same source.

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