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October 23, 2021

Joe Biden: Romania has always been reliable ally for US; you can rely on us

The Vice President of the United States has arrived in Bucharest for a two-day visit.

Romania has always been a reliable partner and ally for the US, said US Vice-President Joe Biden on Monday in Bucharest, on the occasion of a joint Romanian-American exercises organised at the 90th military base.
‘It is clear for us that the Romanians are devoted allies and I have never doubted it as far back as efforts were being made for Romania to join the NATO. You have always been reliable partners’, said the American official, giving as an example the servicemen that fight in the theatres of operations. ‘(…) I think you are the best generation of combatants your country has produced. … You can rely on us. … As President Obama put it, the NATO nations are never alone, emphasized the US Vice-President, who also thanked the US troops for their service. ‘It is an honour to watch our troops carrying out this exercise together. The last time I saw them working together was in Afghanistan. (…) It is to our both countries great benefit to fight together,’ Biden also said, as quoted by Agerpres.
Biden: Romania’s support will play a key role in bringing stability back to Ukraine
In an interview for Mediafax given yesterday several hours before his visit to Romania, Joe Biden pointed out that our country’s support will play a key role in the Ukrainian leadership’s effort to bring back stability.
He characterized his trip to Bucharest as an opportunity to thank the leaders of Romania, the Romanian army, and the citizens for their support of NATO and to consolidate the United States’ unwavering commitment to collectively protect its European allies.
“I believe it is irrefutable proof that Romania is important to America. Romania is a significant military partner in Iraq and Afghanistan. It plays an important part as an ally less than 450 kilometers from Russian aggressions against Crimea. (…) These visits show the solidity of our alliance and friendship,” the U.S. official said. Romanians are currently facing a “more difficult” situation as a result of Russia’s illegal military intervention and annexation of Crimea, he underlined, going on to explain that “Continuing the strong collaboration with the Romanian government will be vital in adopting a firm and unified position towards imposing new sanctions on Russia if it interferes with the May 25 presidential elections. Romania’s support will also be paramount in helping Ukrainian leaders to rebuild the country’s stability and encourage Moldova’s aspiration to EU membership.”
When asked to comment on Romania’s expectation for a more pronounced American military presence, the U.S. Vice President characterized Romania’s concern with national defense and security as understandable. Russia’s illegal military intervention in Ukraine and its persistence in violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are strong indicators of how important it is to ensure our allies’ confidence in the commitments stipulated under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty. “The aim of my visit is partly to emphasize the United States of America’s unwavering commitment to uphold the guarantee of collective defense of all European countries.”
According to Biden, the U.S. together with other NATO allies have taken a series of measures to strengthen the military presence in Central and Eastern Europe, Romania included. It is vital that all NATO allies share “responsibility to a greater extent and reinvest in military capacity and training” so as to ensure the North Atlantic Alliance’s position as a credible and efficient barrier against aggression, he said further.
Romania has made progress toward strengthening the rule of law, but there is still much to be done
The Vice President of the United States acknowledged Romania’s recent progress, but remarked cautiously that there is still much to be done. In this respect, he reiterated the U.S.’s efforts to keep Bucharest “on the right path.”
“Stability, transparency, and the rule of law are essential aspects to bear in mind for future investments and we want our economic relations to continue to develop and grow. We are personally interested in seeing Romania prosper. Strong democracies founded on the rule of law principle are more capable as friends and allies,” he noted.
The US can help Romania cut back on its dependence on Russian oil and gas
The American official expressed confidence that the U.S. can help European countries, Romania included, cut back on their dependence on Russian oil and gas. Thus, Joe Biden stressed that Russia should not be using its resources against neighboring countries. “Security and stability in this region are dependent on the existence of multiple energy providers and energy transport means. A more stable and secure energy supply throughout Europe will translate into a more stable and secure world and economy,” Biden pointed out. The U.S. – EU Energy Council is currently seeking ways of providing European consumers with energy source diversification alternatives, Joe Biden concluded.

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