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July 3, 2022

Milos Zeman: Czech Republic supports Romania’s inclusion in Schengen area

Czech Republic President paid an official visit to Romania

The greeting ceremony took place on the platform of the Cotroceni Palace, where, after the band played the anthems of the two countries, Milos Zeman saluted the Guard and Protocol Regiment.
Czech Republic President Milos Zeman said, yesterday, after the talks at the Cotroceni Palace with Romanian President Traian Basescu, that his country supports Romania’s inclusion in the Schengen area. He showed that over 600 Czech companies operate in Romania and that he brought with him a great number of Czech businessmen hoping to find economic investment contacts in our country.
Moreover, the Czech official pointed out it was his first visit to Romania in eight years, underscoring that presidents should visit friend countries more than once in ten years. ‘I am trying to recoup this delay. I had to postpone the visit because of an accident I had. This visit should have taken place in November,’ Milos Zeman showed, quoted by Agerpres.
President Basescu thanked his Czech counterpart for the visit to Romania, showing that it represented ‘a moment of strengthening the Romanian-Czech relations, which have never lacked in friendship.’ He pointed out that he talked with the Czech Republic President about the regional situation, mainly the situation in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, Romania’s access to the Schengen area, the Danube Strategy, the EU enlargement in the South-Western Balkans, Europe’s energy independence issue, finding that the viewpoints are very similar.
In this context, the President said that the situation in Ukraine is far from easy and that there is the risk for the conflict to spread to the region of Odessa, which would considerably affect the situation in Transdnestria.
‘The situation in Ukraine is not easy at all. On the one hand, in Donetsk workers took to the streets demanding unity, on the other hand, gunshots and military clashes were heard this night in Slavyansk. It’s hard to anticipate what will happen, the more so as the Russian Federation does not publicly release a credible position to help us understand what its further involvement will be (…),’ said the Romanian head of state. According to him, as a result of the situation in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, a country that is close to signing the association and free trade agreements with the European Union, is rendered fragile. ‘We do not exclude the possibility to witness provocations in the near future, like the presence of Rogozin in the Republic of Moldova and Transdnestria on May 9 and his flying into the Romanian air space has been,’ said Basescu.
In his turn, Czech President said that so far the Czech Republic has not come under the threat with a bomber, stressing that he shares the same views with President Basescu. Traian Basescu has offered yesterday night, at the Cotroceni Palace, an official dinner in honor of the President of the Czech Republic.

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