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December 7, 2021

JTI, a special partner for Sibiu International Theatre Festival

Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) has reached its 21st year.

The press conference to announce this year’s event was held at the French Cultural Institute in Bucharest, with an elite audience. This Festival exists thanks to the involvement of almost all the embassies in Romania, who make the most of the opportunity to promote their national heritage every year. So not only is it a fascinating cultural feast, but an example of diplomacy in action.
Constantin Chiriac, president of FITS, announced that once again the Festival is organised through the patronage of the European Commission. In response, Mrs. Angela Filote, the European Commission’s representative in Romania, expressed her appreciation of this annual event which has put Romania on the cultural map of Europe, with Sibiu becoming a role model for many other cities in the European Union.
Also at the top table was the Ambassador of Lebanon, the Ambassador of Belgium and Representatives of the Embassy of Israel, the Austrian Cultural Forum and the French Cultural Institute, who all emphasized their commitment to the Festival.
The Embassy of Japan was represented by Mr. Nobumitsu Takamatsu and Mr. Hidehiro Hosaka, who were congratulated and thanked for their constant support in the development of the Japanese section, which is becoming bigger every year, and for facilitating the partnership between JTI and FITS.
“Mr. Constantin Chiriac is surrounded, as he is every year, by ambassadors assigned to Bucharest. This is a symbolic image which shows clearly that the president of Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the chief of Romanian cultural diplomacy. It is an image that demonstrates the driving force of culture in gathering creative energies, and also the strength of diplomacy, without which the authorities would not have decided to finance the Festival. The starting point of the partnership between JTI and the Festival was an encounter. In our way of thinking, supporting culture has an important role; both dance and the promotion of Japanese cultural heritage are strategic components of building JTI’s reputation. Seven years ago, JTI supported the Festival at the request of the Japanese Embassy in Bucharest, for a memorable encounter between Sibiu and kabuki theatre. Since then, the Japanese presence at the Festival has grown every year, and the relationship between JTI and the Festival has become a partnership that works for everyone. The financial support might be considered symbolic – what is truly important is the constancy and depth of the relationship between JTI and the Festival”, stated Gilda Laz_r, Director Corporate Affairs & Communications JTI Romania, Moldova & Bulgaria.
JTI was recognised, for the seventh year, as a special partner of FITS, for supporting the Japanese legacy and promoting Japanese heritage to the 62,000 visitors per day, during the 10 days of performances in Sibiu.

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