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January 24, 2022

139 years since the creation of PNL

“2014 is the year which can propel us as the great right-wing party,” claims Crin Antonescu, saying that PNL has now the “historical opportunity” to put a liberal on the position of President of Romania.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) celebrated on Saturday 139 years since its creation. On this occasion, the liberal chairman Crin Antonescu said that the party created 139 years by Ion C. Bratianu, C.A. Rosetti, A.G. Golescu along with Mihail Kogalniceanu “was the one who left a mark on the development of the Romanian modern state, being the strongest party during the period between the wars.” “We have, as opposed to other parties in Romania, the honor and responsibility to carry this valuable legacy of our predecessors. There are achievements we can be proud of, but they also give us responsibility. … Same as our illustrious predecessors, today’s liberals have to fight demagoguery, the authoritarian behavior, the avid craving for power, the irresponsible manner in which mean politicians, temporarily at rule, risk to lead Romania towards an age we thought it was long gone,” said the liberal leader, quoted by Mediafax.
Antonescu claims that, apart from the temporary political fights of a period or another, the line continues in the history of the Romanian liberalism, and is represented by defending of such values as freedom, the free enterprising spirit, property, competence and the respect for elites.
“I wish 2014 to be defining for the definitive consecration of PNL as the major right-wing party. The National Liberal Party has the vocation to be the strongest defender of the western values, to be the only party with enough political and moral power to stop the ascension of any party using anti-democratic rhetoric practices, which might derail Romania’s path from the way of democratic development.” In the context, he voiced his certainty that in the year to come, when PNL will celebrate 140 years since its creation, the liberals’ balance will honor its past. PNL chairman claims that the liberals’ motto, “By ourselves,” is “seemingly more valid than in any other period.” “It is up to us to prove that we will continue growing and becoming a strong party, and we should turn into reality at the end of this year the historical opportunity to propel a liberal on the seat of Romanian President,” added Antonescu.

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