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August 12, 2022

EP partial results: PSD-UNPR-PC – 37.60 pc, PNL – 15.00 pc, PDL- 12.23 pc

Independent candidate Mircea Diaconu gathered 6.81% of the votes, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, 6.30%, The People’s Movement Party (PMP) obtained 6.21% of the votes.

The electoral alliance of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) and Conservative Party (PC) has got 37.60% of the votes in the European Parliament elections, the National Liberal Party (PNL) – 15.00%, and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) 12.23%, according to partial data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on Monday morning, after processing the results of 99.99% of the polling stations.
Moreover, independent candidate Mircea Diaconu gathered 6.81% of the votes, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, 6.30%, the Central Electoral Bureau Spokesman Marian Muhulet pointed out. The People’s Movement Party (PMP) obtained 6.21% of the votes, Dan Diaconescu-People’s Party (PP-DD), 3.63%, and the Greater Romania Party (PRM), 2.71%. The Civic Force (FC) obtained 2.62% of the votes cast by electors, the Romanian Ecologist Party (PER), 1.17%, the Farmers’ Alliance (AA), 0.95%, and the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD), 0.90%.
Capsali Pericle Iulian, independent candidate, obtained 0.90% of the votes, Costea Peter, 0.75%, Corina Ungureanu, 0.49%.
Under 0.50% obtained the Green Party, 0.34%, the New Republic Party, the Social Justice Party, independent candidates Purea Paul, Liga Danut, the Socialist Alternative Party, Valentin Daeanu and Filip Constantin Titian.
Mircea Diaconu, record score for an independent
Actor Mircea Diaconu, a former liberal, ranked 4th at country scale, with a record score for an independent candidate in the European elections, in Constanta and the Botosani County. In Constanta, Diaconu ranked 3rd, with 13.29 pc, After the Alliance PSD-PC-UNPR (34.2 pc) and PMP (13.78 pc), outscoring PDL (9.01 pc) and PNL (8.57 pc), according to Ziua de Constanta. Diaconu also had a record-score in Botosani County: 10.44 pc, finds a parallel ballot count made by PDL Botosani.
Mircea Diaconu said on Monday that people found in him ‘some decency and normality’ and showed that his score proves that ‘simplicity brings success.’ ‘Can’t you see that the political genius is Traian Basescu, the citizen Traian Basescu? Well, all sorts of manoeuvres, complications, attacks, construction and so on. That means political genius? No! Simplicity brings success. Simplicity, normality and brevity (…),’ said Diaconu at RFI. He showed he earned this score ‘no with noise, not with marching bands,’ but with a public offer.
Victor Ponta congratulated Mircea Diaconu for the result, qualifying him as ‘the first truly independent candidate ever elected in Romania.’ ‘Mircea Diaconu has all the merit for what he has done in his life, in the political career and in this campaign. I sincerely congratulate him and I am positive he will proudly represent Romania in the European Parliament,’ the PSD Chairman said.
Criticism against the right, PMP
The good result obtained by independent candidate Mircea Diaconu, better than that of some parties like UDMR or PMP, generated criticism against the respective parties, coming from their own members. Former presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu said that the People’s Movement Party could achieve 8-9 pc in the elections for EP and cannot invoke the reduced number of territorial structures, as Mircea Diaconu, without any structure, “took almost as much as PMP”. He considered that PMP made campaign blunders and described the representatives of right-wing parties as “Pygmies lacking a vision.” Daniel Funeriu, who ran in Timis County for the place in Parliament vacated by the departure of Maria Grapini to the EP on behalf of PMP, accused the campaign of PMP as the posters with “obsolete accents,” adding that Vice-president Cristian Preda “has an important mission to continue for the next 5 years the blog (started 5 years ago)”.

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