USL reunification issue, brought back on the table

National leader of the PSD, major at rule, Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Sunday evening said that in the name of the electoral alliance of PSD, the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC), he is ready to sit at the table with PNL leaders who might want and believe in the remaking of the Social Liberal Union (USL), which included PNL, besides PSD, UNPR and PC. He added that the excellent results in the Sunday’s European elections indicate that the USL projects and values were preserved. ‘(…) We are ready to sit at the table with the PNL leaders that believe in and want the remaking of USL to start over where we left the project that Romanians voted for in 2012. This is our extending hand, which I am sure very many are waiting for. It is an extended hand without any wish to seize the moment, but because the message of the voters to us and our colleagues, leaders of the PNL, is a very clear signal,’ said Ponta.
The PM did not seem too confident yesterday about the possibility of USL reunification, as the Head of Government avoided to answer to the questions of the journalists regarding this topic while he was present at the Parliament, where the debates on the vote of no-confidence submitted by the liberals was to be discussed. Besides, Ponta said discussions on the aforementioned topic are premature.
Crin Antonescu’s position on this topic remained unchanged though.
‘One thing is clear: there is no way PNL will get back to some governmental combination with PSD,’ Antonescu said, adding that the outcome of the elections in Romania for the EP is proof that the Ponta Government no longer has the support it used to enjoy prior to the ballot.

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