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April 19, 2021

A Special Day for a solid partner

by H.E. Titus Corlatean Romanian Minister for Foreign Affairs

“On the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of the Kingdom of Denmark, I have the great pleasure to convey my warmest congratulations as well as best wishes of success and prosperity.
The 5th of June is a significant day for the Kingdom of Denmark and for the Danes. It is the anniversary of the entry into force of the first Danish Constitution, in 1849, establishing Denmark as a constitutional monarchy, as well as the 1953 constitution that was adopted on the same date.
The 1849 constitution establishes the rights and privileges of the Danish citizens such as the freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. These are values that govern us today.
Romania and the Kingdom of Denmark enjoy an excellent relation, strengthened by a multilevel cooperation and based on a consolidated economic cooperation and a close political dialogue in areas of common interest. Our countries share similar views on a wide range of topical and strategic issues, of particular interest to the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance.
Romanians living in Denmark are very well integrated and appreciated for their work. The Romanian community in Denmark, exceeding 16,000 persons, contributes to the Danish welfare system. At the same time, part of our co-nationals works in various sectors of the Danish economy, for which they are much appreciated, such as IT, healthcare system (pharmaceutics), academia and education. Moreover, Denmark hosts almost 2,000 Romanian students which represent one of Romania’s greatest assets, not least given their exemplary academic performance – a feature constantly highlighted by Danish universities.
Cultural ties between Romania and Denmark have always been extremely close. Many Romanians have lectured the Søren Kierkegaard’s writings. The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen accompanied us in our childhood and are nowadays accompanying the childhood of our children.
Based on our so close links, Romania and the Kingdom of Denmark have a strong foundation to consolidate further our bilateral dialogue and cooperation in the European Union and international framework not only at political and governmental level, but also paying special attention to the cooperation in economy and business, academia and civil society.
The establishment of the cultural and social links is the best way to achieve a future-oriented partnership between our countries. Diplomacy is the most important and the first necessary step, but culture is the bridge able to bring our communities closer.
Romania shares the joy of the celebration of the historic day of June 5, 2014, and wishes a happy National Day!

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