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January 21, 2022

Johannis’ presidential candidacy taking shape

Boc: Johannis seems to be PNL and PDL’s presidential candidate, I support him. Geoana: PSD has to relate to Johannis as to the right wing’s main candidate.

An increasing number of voices from PNL, PDL and even PSD see Klaus Johannis as the right wing’s main presidential candidate.
Yesterday, PNL Mehedinti asked PNL’s interim president to run for president, after the party’s Sibiu and Satu Mare branches had already expressed their support. Moreover, former premier Emil Boc (PDL) pointed out yesterday that Johannis “seems to be PNL and PDL’s presidential candidate” and that he sets out “with the top shot” in the elections, adding that he supports him “with all conviction” and that he will engage in “total” campaigning for him.
“Johannis sets out with the top shot, if he consolidates the path he is on now he will defeat Ponta in the presidential race. It all depends on how he evolves from now on and I believe he has a good start, having a PR benefit, experience as mayor, the image of a serious man that did what he said and I believe this will appeal to Romanians. Today Ponta has a redoubtable opponent,” Boc stated at a press conference in Cluj. On the other hand, Boc opined that a merger through absorption between PDL and PNL would not be the best solution, a merger through grouping being preferable, because it would give the possibility to other parties to adhere to the creation of a large right-wing party. “A merger through absorption is not the best solution, but it’s the decision of those who take such a responsibility, because there will be sensitivities, at least within PDL. (…) This would close the option of other right-wing parties to coalesce into a large right-wing party,” Boc said.
PSD Senator Mircea Geoana stated yesterday that Crin Antonescu’s decision to bow out of the presidential race is a rational gesture, stating that Johannis has chances to become the unified right wing’s candidate. “Crin Antonescu’s bowing out is proof of political realism. Mr. Antonescu’s chances dropped dramatically and he eventually made the only rational gesture he could have made at this moment, that of provoking a switch similar to the Stolojan-Basescu switch in 2004,” Geoana pointed out.
In the Senator’s opinion, PSD should relate to Johannis as to its main presidential contender. “It’s an important announcement, he is an important political character that takes an important decision, but from a practical and electoral point of view Crin Antonescu no longer has any kind of chances of becoming the unified right wing’s candidate. Johannis has this chance and we have to relate to Johannis as to our main contender in the 2014 elections,” Geoana said. Geoana was presidential candidate in 2009.
In what concerns him, as potential presidential candidate this autumn, Geoana pointed out that his name is on the “very short” list of potential PSD candidates, adding that the future candidate will be decided with calm and wisdom and discussions have to be held with Victor Ponta too about his declared intention of remaining premier. “We will have to talk with Victor Ponta too because after all we have to see whether his statements about his desire to continue his term as premier until 2016 – which is more than legitimate, that is why he was voted, that is what we were voted for in 2012 – are maintained or not. (…) So with calm and patience. We have high-level political resources within the party, this is the “luxury” we have, that of having candidates, my name being up there on the very short list of potential PSD candidates,” the Senator pointed out.
In an interview published yesterday by ‘Adevarul’ daily, Klaus Johannis reiterated that he would dare holding the office of head of state or head of government. “I have a background that can be easily checked. I didn’t come out of nowhere. I came from local politics, with complicated, diplomatic relations. Anyone can track back the way I reached this level. PNL has to be active. Whether we like it or not, this is the situation we are in. My colleagues consider that I can be an answer for the party. As a result of the talks, I have understood that there are colleagues that believe I can handle it,” the PNL’s interim president stated. Klaus Johannis stated on Monday for ‘Gandul Live’ that he is willing to run for president and that he has reasonable chances to defeat Victor Ponta in an electoral competition.

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