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June 30, 2022

Sorogoyen’s film Stockholm wins Transylvania Trophy at TIFF

Winning movies – on Bucharest screens starting yesterday.

Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s Stockholm won the Transylvania Trophy of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) on Saturday night. The movie “Stockholm” stretches over a single night, a common night for him, but an unusual night for her. They do not realize but this unique night will tie them forever.
American actress Debra Winger handed out the 15,000 euro award of the 13th edition of TIFF at the closing gala in Cluj-Napoca (central Romania). Actors Aura Garrido and Javier Pereira of this movie, Sorogoyen’s second, won the best performance award. Other awards went to Winger for her career achievement, and to Polish producer and director Krzysztof Zanussi for his lifetime achievement. The excellence award winner was Romanian actor Florin Zamfirescu.  Eight-year old Sofia Nicolaescu got the Special Mention of the Short Film Jury for her performance in It Can Pass Through the Wall, a film by Radu Jude.  Polish Tomasz Wasilewski won the best directing award for Floating Skyscrapers, while the audience award went to Uberto Pasolini’s Still Life (a UK-Italy production).
TIFF competition 2014 jury was made up of Nik Powell (president), Michael Kutza, director of the International Film Festival in Chicago, Giora Bejach, cinematographer, Janos Szasz, film and theatre director and Cristina Flutur, movie and theatre actress.
The movies that won awards at the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) will be screened on the screens in Bucharest, in a retrospective organized at Studio Cinema, Elvira Popescu Cinema and J’ai Bistrot, from Tuesday to June 19, reports a release. The Bucharest retrospective officially started on Tuesday at Studio Cinema with the two movies that opened and closed the TIFF in Cluj, “Philomena” by Stephen Frears and “Boyhood.”
Over the period when the retrospective takes place, the cinema aficionados will have the chance to see the favourite movie of TIFF jury, awarded with Transilvania Trophy and with the acting awards for the actors Javier Pereira and Anna Garrido – “Stockholm,” the movie that won the award for the best directing “Floating Skyscrapers” directed by Tomasz Wasilewski and the movie that won the special jury prize, the Romanian-Bulgarian co-production “Viktoria” directed by Maya Viktova.
The program also includes the two movies awarded with the special jury mention, “Paat” (The Dog) directed by Amir Toodehroosta and “White Shadow” directed by Noaz Deshe, but also the title with the most votes from the public, “Still Life” directed by Uberto Pasolini. The public preferences also included two movies brought to Bucharest, “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” by Andrei Gruzniczki and “Everything We Loved” by Max Currie. “Bucharest, where are you?”, Vlad Petri’s documentary about the protests in 2012 in University Plaza which will be screened in cinemas in June 13 and will be distributed by Transilvania Film, will have more screenings during the retrospective. One of the recommendations of artistic director Mihai Chirilov is the movie of Slovak filmmaker Peter Solan, “Before Tonight is Over (1996), which will be screened on Wednesday at Studio Cinema at 8:15 pm.
A ticket at Studio Cinema costs RON 12 and at Elvira Popescu, RON 14, cheaper for students and pensioners and the entrance at J’ai Bistrot costs RON 10.

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