Day of mourning declared after Ukrainian military plane shot down

49 die in plane shot down by rebels. Ukraine’s Poroshenko vows response to Luhansk plane downing.Russia condemns attack on Kiev embassy. Barroso, Putin discuss Ukraine situation over phone.Gas talks stall. Poroshenko’s bodyguards find bomb near Presidential Administration. NATO releasedimages which it says back up Ukrainian claims that Russian tanks crossed into Ukraine.

Hundreds gathered in Kiev’sIndependence Square on Sunday tohonor the victims of violence thathas ravaged Ukraine for months,including 49 people killed when amilitary plane was shot down,CNN informs.Ukraine President PetroPoroshenko had declared Sunday aday of mourning. The crowd inKiev observed a moment of silenceat noon local time.“We bow our heads to theheroes who lost their lives for thesake of their country, to prevent thewar from coming into the house ofeach of us,” Prime-MinisterArseniy Yatsenyuk said. “They losttheir lives because they defendedmen and women, children and theelderly who found themselves in asituation facing a threat to be killedby invaders and sponsored by subhumans,”he said. “First, we willcommemorate the heroes by wipingout those who killed them andthen by cleaning our land from theevil.”The Ilyushin-76 military transportplane went down earlySaturday while approaching an airportin the eastern Ukrainian cityof Luhansk, said militaryspokesman Vladislav Seleznyov.Ukrinform said the plane was carryingparatroopers, equipment andfood. “All those involved in thecynical act of large-scale terrorismmust necessarily be punished,”Poroshenko told Ukrinform, thestate news agency. “Ukraine needspeace. Terrorists, however, willreceive an adequate response.”Ukraine’s defense ministry saidthe plane, which was transportingmilitary personnel, was shot downby insurgents using anti-aircraftmachine guns. Ukrinform also saidthree soldiers were killed Saturdaymorning near Mariupol.

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