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June 25, 2022

Targets of new CCIR president: rebuilding image and credibility of institution

The priority of the Chamber ofCommerce and Industry ofRomania (CCIR) under the leadershipof new president MihaiDaraban is to rebuild the imageand credibility of the institutionand to create a dialogue with thegovernment for a better involvementin the business environment.“The voice of the Chamberof Commerce has not been heardenough by now. We are talkingabout an infrastructure in businessthat exists in each county. There are info centres, especiallyfor foreign investors. … One ofthe points we want to focus on isto make the local administrationrealize they can create that bidbookof the cities and realizewhat they can provide to aninvestor, either Romanian or foreign,”CCIR chairman MihaiDaraban told ZF Live.  He wasappointed to this position leftvacant after the arrest of formerinstitution head, Mihai Vlasov,after leading the Chamber ofCommerce in Constanta.Daraban’s mandate runs untilDecember 2017 and he was theonly candidate for the position.At global level, there areabout 40,000 chambers ofcommerce. “The political decision-making factor must beaware of the role of the chamberof commerce … There is acertain lack of solidarity and afragmentation among the businessenvironment,” addedDaraban. The chambers ofcommerce also provide a largerange of services, apart fromorganizing fairs and exhibitions…. “We want cooperationwith the Trade Registry and wewant to have an interface withthe business environment inthis respect,” stressed the newCCIR chairman. It is vital forthe local companies to mentionthey are members of theChamber of Commerce,according to Daraban.

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