EUR 1 bln from WB for development policies and medical reform

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), part of the World Bank (WB) will extend to Romania two loans worth EUR 1 bln, of which EUR 750 M for development policies and EUR 250 M for the support of the project of reform in the medical sector. The two loan accords were signed yesterday by the ministry of Public Finance, Ioana-Maria Petrescu, the delegate minister for Budget, Liviu Voinea, and Elisabetta Capannelli, country manager with the World Bank Office in Romania. The EUR 250 M mainly targets: the increase of the efficiency of services provided in hospitals, strengthening the medical care in ambulatory and transferring the bulk of medical services to this form of care, developing multifunctional medical centres in areas with poor such services, as well as palliative care services, and the more efficient allocation of resources in view of securing the financial sustainability of the sector. The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Health over a 6-year interval. Both loans are extended on a 18-year period, at an interest equal to EURIBOR at 6 months + a variable margin.


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