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October 23, 2021

Romania should not rely solely on economic relations within EU, PM Ponta says

Romania has no chance to develop if it relies solely on economic relations within the EU, because the EU market has shrunk and is in reality restrictive, Premier Ponta stated, pointing out that that is why the government is emphasizing relations with China and other non-EU countries. “The EU market is a market that has contracted in a lot of domains, it continues to be a fairly restrictive market, not at the level of norms but at the level of reality. I don’t know how many Romanian companies can really, realistically, win a tender in Germany, France or Italy. German, French, Italian companies win all tenders in Romania when it comes to grand projects, the reverse never happens,” Ponta said yesterday at an economic forum focused on exports.

The Premier pointed out that both he and the members of government are not stressing relations with China and other Asian and non-EU countries by chance, but as a result of an economic strategy.

Ponta stated that low fiscality, the usage of all kinds of support that can be offered on the basis of the European legislation, either for agriculture, or for SMEs, the modifying of the labor legislation, the hiking of competitiveness and the price of energy are the government’s main economic strategy goals, whose purpose is to boost investments and to create new jobs. The Head of Government pointed out that all these measures are necessary in order for the economic growth to continue, a growth whose main principles are predictability and sustainability.

The Premier sarcastically referred to those who claim that the economic problems registered in the 2009-2011 period were not generated by “incompetence” but by bad luck, while the positive results registered in 2012-2014 were favored solely by luck.

On the other hand, the Premier pointed out that EU member state ambassadors constantly tackle the problems registered by companies from their countries and talk about the Romanian state’s debts towards those companies, while Romanian ambassadors and diplomatic representatives are “shyer” and rarely speak about Romanian companies. He stated that talks with EU member state ambassadors about companies cannot be labeled as influence peddling and that the economic interests of Romanian companies should be promoted in their turn within and without the European Union, including at diplomatic level, pointing out that he has asked Economy Minister Constantin Nita to establish a communications strategy in what concerns the promotion of Romanian companies.

The Head of Government pointed out that the involvement of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is important in this regard too, the Chamber having to “truly” engage in promoting Romanian companies, not to simply organize “some fairs.”


Funds for state aid to be hiked


The funds included in the budget for state aid will be hiked when the budget is amended, because the sums initially earmarked have been exhausted, Premier Victor Ponta also announced. “For me it is a great joy when a company comes and asks for state aid in order to create another 50 or 100 or 200 jobs. In the following period I believe these are the best funds the state can invest, because at any rate we recover them afterwards through taxes, fees and economic development,” Ponta explained.

The government will proceed to budget rectification for the first time this year at the end of July or early August.


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