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October 24, 2020

President: ‘I had no information regarding my brother’s relations with Sandu Anghel’

President Traian Basescu said, during a press conference last evening, as far as the calls for his resignation are concerned, that his brother Mircea Basescu is living in Constanta, while he is living in Bucharest. “I have had no information regarding his relations with Sandu Anghel. We live by ourselves, we have different preoccupations. I had no information from his or from the state information services. Any suspicion regarding me is demolished by reality; I never called on a policeman, prosecutor or judge. On the other hand in several years Sandu Anghel’s file has gone through all stages and he received his sentence. There is no reason to suspect the president of interfering with this lawsuit,” he said.
The president lashed at his political foes Victor Ponta, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and even liberal Klaus Johannis, telling him he has no experience, the first ones being considered dishonest.
“There is an important grouping with the political arena that want to turn around the trend of justice. During my mandate they will not succeed in getting their hands on justice, I will defend it. But there are too many prosecutors and judges that would not listen to their political demands. They would have surprises, I am sure,” Basescu said.
Referring to the fact that PM Victor Ponta has asked him for a mandate to the European Council June 26-27. “I am the one to take part, having in view the Constitutional Court ruling and the fact that I will manage the European issues much better. The Romanian President has no need for a mandate from the PM. I’ve always asked for a point of view from the government, approved by the Premier. There is no mandate from the PM to the President,” Traian Basescu said.
The head of state underscored there is also a sentimental reason for taking part to the European Council, i.e. the signing of the EU association agreement with R. of Moldova and Georgia. “I was one of those who worked very much on this issue and I want to be present,” Basescu said.

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