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October 8, 2022

Celebrating Croatia’s Statehood Day

H.E. Mrs. Andrea Gustovic – Ercegovac, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Romania:

“25 June is a special day, a day of pride for our Homeland, a birthday of the new Croatia. Today is a time to remember our difficult path from our struggle for independence to our membership in the EU. On this path, Croatia has become a better society: we have built democratic institutions, strengthened human and minority rights, become a recognised member of the international community and a member of EU and NATO. We have closed demanding, difficult but also a defining cycle in our existence, both as a society and as a state. Our ambition is to unite diversities and ensure a lasting area of stability and democratic progress in Europe. We want to show that the enlargement policy is, with certainty, one of the most successful policies of the European Union, which has forever changed Europe, for the better. With its behaviour, ranging from fiscal discipline and reform measures in the economy to a constant progress in democratic relations, Croatia is showing that, with its accession, the Union gained a valuable and capable member state.
We are aware: there is plenty of work to be done yet. Making decisions of importance to Croatia, to Europe and, I would say, to humanity as well. Croatia became a border of the EU with the countries of the Western Balkans and we feel a strong need to give to others what we, ourselves, have received for years – a continuous support to reforms, support to make tough, at times difficult decisions. Croatia’s neighbours will have its support, and for us this border means a thousand open doors.
In the period ahead, we should make efforts to strengthen our spirituality and openness of mind to new ideas. Science, culture, art and education enable us and open the doors for creativity which is so much needed today for any kind of progress.
Bilateral relation between Republic of Croatia and Romania goes hand in hand with our mutual interest. Dinamization through frequent exchange of opinions characterized last year.
We compliment Romania for the successful Chairmanship-in-Office of the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) and the results achieved. Both countries play an active role in promoting stability and prosperity of our region. Croatia congratulates Republic of Moldova for its conclusion of the Accession Treaty with the EU and continues to support Moldova’s European path.
The birthday of our Homeland is an occasion to remember that freedom, democracy and justice are the values we should never forget, the values worth fighting for resolutely and permanently. Work, courage, resoluteness, knowledge and honesty are guarantees of success and our good European future. I congratulate Croatian citizens Statehood Day, the day of pride, the day that each of us awaits with love for our Homeland and all its people!”

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