Constitutional Court: OK for Gov’t to issue emergency ordinances

By a majority vote on Wednesday, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) overruled an objection filed by the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) over the law empowering the Government to issue emergency ordinances during Parliament’s recess, according to Agerpres.
CCR argued the objection is groundless against the criticisms levelled at the law. The ruling is final and generally binding.
On June 18 liberal MP Theodor Nicolescu announced the objection to be filed by the two parties. He argued that the topic raises two kinds of constitutionality issues.
‘First issue is the law having been substantially modified in the Chamber of Deputies against the version passed by the Senate, and this way the principle of bicameralism was violated. There are areas that failed the debates in the Senate, such as changing ownership of shares held by the Economy Ministry via the Energy Department, for free, to the benefit of local administrations. That was an amendment approved in the Chamber of Deputies’ Judiciary Committee that failed in the Senate. There are many such amendments, including one modifying the law on taxi driving, because we, in our capacity as Parliament, are notified with a law to this end. I believe this is a violation of the principle of bicameralism and we hope the CCR will prove us right,’ said Nicolescu.
He also mentioned situations related to the power to change organic laws.
‘We have some issues with the interpretation of the empowering law, but we will demand the court to define what should be understood by Article 115 (1) that the empowering law should mention the regulatory scope,’ he said.

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