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December 4, 2021

Loans for population and companies down 0.6 pc in May

Loans for the population and companies went down in May by 0.6 percent compared to April to RON 216.94 billion in the context of the lower loans in foreign currency expressed in domestic currency by 1.9 percent to RON 127.8 billion, whereas the loans in domestic currency advanced by 1.2 percent to RON 89.6 billion, according to BNR data Mediafax reports.
Compared to May 2013, the loans went down by 2.1 percent (-3 percent in real terms) in the context of the increase of the domestic currency crediting by 7 percent and the decrease in the foreign currency crediting by 7.7 percent (expressed in EUR, the foreign currency crediting went down by 8.1 percent) reads the release of the central bank. The loans for population appreciated by 1.8 percent to RON 36.58 billion whereas the foreign currency loans expressed in RON reported a 2.1 percent decrease to RON 65.11 billion. As for loans for companies, crediting in domestic currency went up by 0.7 percent to RON 53.27 billion and the crediting in foreign currency went down by 1.6 percent to RON 61.96 billion.
The governmental loan went down by 1.2 percent in May compared to April to RON 78.75 billion and reported a 10.2 percent decrease compared to last year.
All deposits of population and companies at banks remained the same in May with only a 0.1 percent increase, to RON 215.17 billion.
BNR also indicates that the savings in domestic currency of the companies went up by 1.5 percent to RON 58.45 billion compared to April and on a year-on-year basis, it went up by 11.2 percent. The deposits in foreign currency of the population and companies, expressed in RON, reduced by 0.3 percent to RON 75.41 billion (expressed in EUR, they went up by 0.8 percent to EUR 17.14 billion). Compared to May 2013, their amount went up by 3.4 percent (2.9 percent in EUR). The population used to have deposits in foreign currency at the end of May 1.6 percent higher expressed in RON (1.1 percent expressed in EUR) and the companies used to have 6.9 percent higher savings (6.4 percent higher expressed in EUR).

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