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January 18, 2022

R. of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, sign association agreements with EU

President Basescu: ‘We see a ten-year effort accomplished’.

R. of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia have signed association agreements with the European Union, on the sidelines of the European Council summit in Brussels. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko signed the economic part of the association agreement, as the political part of the agreement was already signed on March 21, 2014.
Moldova and Georgia signed full association and free trade agreements. The association agreement between Moldova and the European Union was initialled at a November 2013 summit meeting in Vilnius of the Eastern Partnership Programme. The EU moved the date for the official signing of the agreements with Moldova and Georgia, initially set for end-2014, amidst the ongoing crisis in Ukraine triggered by the results of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to sign the agreement for Ukraine at the summit in Vilnius and the ensuing reprisals from Russia. The signing of the agreements was an important moment to the European Union and the signing parties alike, as they latter will significantly deepen their political and economic ties with the EU, with a long-term prospect for political association and economic integration.
The signing of the EU-Republic of Moldova Association Agreement represents the fulfilment of an effort that took us ten years, Romanian President Traian Basescu on Friday stated in Brussels, where he participated in the meeting of the European Council, at the level of heads of state or government. ‘Today we see accomplished a political effort at European level and at the same time we must notice what a great effort the Moldovans made. Their government […] started with a very intelligent move, when it put up the visa issue first and then the association and the free trade agreement. And they are the only one who managed to obtain both. [Vlad] Filat initiated the process and [Iurie] Leanca continued it and we have been supporting them all along,’ said President Basescu, before the beginning of the works of the European Council.
Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean also congratulated the authorities in Chisinau for the signing this Friday of the EU – Republic of Moldova Association Agreement, which, he said, represents a historic step. Corlatean also points out Romania further remains firmly committed, alongside the Government and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, to the achievement of the neighbouring state’s strategic goal of European integration.
Basescu: Our objective
is keeping agriculture portfolio
President Traian Basescu also said in Brussels that Romania’s objective is keeping the agriculture portfolio by Dacian Ciolos – the current European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, this matter being settled with Prime Minister Victor Ponta. ‘(…) Our objective, as I’ve convened with Prime Minister Victor Ponta, is to keep the agriculture portfolio through Dacian Ciolos, one of the largest and most prestigious portfolios of the European Commission. I don’t know whether we’ll succeed, but we’re making all that is possible to not have another portfolio like multilingualism,’ said President Basescu, during a press conference held at the end of the European Council meeting.
When asked whether he has discussed the Parliament’s statement regarding his resignation with European leaders, Traian Basescu replied, “People are laughing.” “What these people have failed to take into account is the fact that I’ve known them for ten years, they trust me; I’m viewed as the man who made the Justice system work in Romania and a Parliament that is prejudiced and makes accusations before the Justice’s decision is a Parliament with a problem, democratically speaking,” the head of state added.
Gov’t approves draft laws for ratification of EU-R. Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia Association Agreements
The Government in the extraordinary meeting on Saturday approved three draft laws for the ratification of the Association Agreements between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their member states, on one side, and the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, on the other side.
‘We made a commitment: that immediately after the signing in Brussels of the Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova in the first place, but also Georgia and Ukraine, we shall be, I hope, the first country to ratify these agreements (…) I am very glad. I even think it is a truly historic moment this step which the Republic of Moldova, in particular, but also Ukraine and Georgia take towards the EU,’ the Prime Minister said, in the beginning of the extraordinary Government meeting. Ponta added that Romania had the obligation to do ‘concrete things’ for the Republic of Moldova. ‘If, until now, we have done concrete things – and I believe many of you will go in September-October to inaugurate the kindergartens the Moldovan Government is building with the money we allotted. We have been supporting Prime Minister Leanca, the Foreign Minister, but also the others, with MEPs, we have obtained the visa lifting,’ Ponta said.
“In my view, Moldova in particular will be pressured by Russia because it signed this agreement and I believe the first country that has a responsibility not to drivel, as it has done for ten years, but to actually do something is Romania,” Ponta said further.
Soon after the Government approved the draft laws, President Traian Basescu on Saturday signed the decrees for submitting to Parliament’s ratification the Association Agreements between the EU and the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, the Presidential Administration informs.

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